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  1. It could a proprietary setup. I know there is DC power on the camera cable to provide power. You could distroy any camera you connect to it. I purchased the GM rear camera when I got the truck and had the dealer install it under my watchful eye. It's mounted on the center line of the trailer and 4 inches in height above the camera height on the tailgate. It is HD quality and works very well. Calibration and holding calibration for the transparency view are other issues I am having trouble with it.
  2. I'm NOT 100% sure, but yesterday I added a plug to simulate that a trailer was connected to my 2020 GMC 2500HD Denali truck. I now get more camera views (side views) that are not available unless there is a trailer connected. I added a 50 ohm resistor to the running lights and Right/Left/brake light terminals on the plug to the ground terminal. So on the plug I have 3 terminals with a 50 ohm resistor to ground. I then plug it in to the truck and started it up. Yep! A trailer was detected. I setup a new trailer profile, "Trailer Plug". Disabled the theft detection feature. The 50 ohm resistors where rated at 1 watt to be safe. I determined the 50 ohm resistor by measuring the current from the trailer running lights when they were ON. About 1.1 amps. 14 VDC/ 1.1 A = 13 Ohms. To draw about 1/4 of that current, I increased the resistance to 50 Ohms. Then the power rating is about 14 VDC x (0.28A ^2) = 1 Watt. With this all said- your problem could be an intermittent wiring issue on your trailer. Running light circuit or right/left/brake light circuits. Your electrical ground is routed thru the connector, so that could be intermittent as well.
  3. My 2020 2500HD Denali Duramax came with the towing package and had 4 TPMS sensors in the glove box specifically for adding to the trailers. When I replaced the Chinese tires on the trailer I had these installed. I purchased an activator tool from Amazon for about $15 to sync each tire TPMS on the trailer to the truck. Worked first time. A great feature to monitor not just pressure, but temperature as well. I suspect these can be ordered from GM- but may be expensive.
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