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  1. Reliability with the six speed would not be a concern with me. The transmission has been around a while and is pretty much considered bullet proof as far as I know. One could argue advantages or disadvantages of more gears, rpm ranges, fuel mileage, etc., but I wouldn't worry about reliability. I pull a fishing boat and a 10K lb RV and have been very satisfied.
  2. I can probably guess, but does anyone know for sure the charging amps provided by the USB charge ports (specifically rear seat ones). Thanks
  3. Love it. Think it looks rich and nice to have something besides black. Light seats no worry for me. Stuff pretty much just wipes of the leather. I did put in weathertech floor liners in the cocoa color. Good match. Be bold. Good luck
  4. Same with me and the gasser. No trouble getting stopped, just seems like a lot of pedal pressure.
  5. Yes, they just snap into place. Big enough to grab hold, wiggle and pull off. No need to remove wheel or anything.
  6. The chrome surround is held on with some 'snap tabs'. The letters are held on with their own snap tabs, 2 per letter, that go through the chrome surround and into the cap itself. Neither seemed to have any adhesives. The letters could be removed without removing the chrome surround. I just popped the caps off the wheels and very carefully pushed the letters off while squeezing the snap tabs with some small needlenose from the back. I did not pry on the letters from the front. Was able to get them all off and and back on without a single break. Good luck
  7. On the truck. Now the wheels match the front and tailgate emblems. I just thought the two reds clashed. I will try to report back if I have any problems.
  8. Will have to wait and see how it holds up. It said good for wheels and plastic. Was able to get a pretty good prep so I have high hopes. I think they look pretty good and I never did a clearcoat over the Duplicolor. Prepped, Drying, Installed in center caps
  9. Stuck caliper? Shouldn't, but it happens. Although it was an unfamiliar vehicle it happened when I was driving once. Never felt any pull or steering warnings, but it sure got hot. No fire, but lots of smoke, melted grease out of bearings and damaged wheel.
  10. Excellent. Thanks. Now to see if I have any wiggle room at all.
  11. Anyone know the trim height Z measurement, or range, for the 2020+ trucks? I wouldn't mind lowering my front a little if there was some room left with the torsion bars. So close to level as it is that any trailer tongue weight pretty much makes me nose high. Even a half inch would help. Thanks
  12. Digital variable power steering I think missing. Not sure about the LED heads. I was mostly looking at GMC and they had two levels. Also on the GMC I think the tails were only LED with the upper package (if that is important). Good luck
  13. I feel your pain. I want black GMC on my hubs. Already blacked the front and rear GMC emblems. Just don't think the red goes with my Cayenne Red paint. Just ordered this Amazon.com: Dupli-Color EHWP10800 High-Performance Wheel Coating Gloss Black: Automotive a couple days ago to try. We'll see how it works. Good luck
  14. Anyone have the front shock torque values for the 2020+ HD trucks? New mounting style compared to previous models and can't find any manuals anywhere yet. Putting Bilstein 4600s all around because I liked them so much on both of my 1500s. Thanks
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