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  1. Time to do some mx. Does anyone have torque specs for front diff plugs, transfer case plugs and rear diff cover bolts? Figure I will use the if I can get them. 2017 Silverado with the 9.5 rear axle. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I let the dealer grease monkeys do one of the free oil changes and the dipstick is reading high. It is about 3/8 inch above the top of the hash mark, stone cold after overnight sit. Checked two days in a row and looked the same. So, how high is too high? 2017 5.3L
  3. No seat memory. Nothing electrical here, it is just the mirror 'rattles' out over time. This is the push-pull tow extension part of the mirror. Sounds like I am not the only one. If no one ends up posting a proven fix I will probably try an idea or two of my own. Don't think it would take much.
  4. Thought I would throw this out here since I know many on this site have upgraded to tow mirrors. I have the A1 Auto manual extending tow mirrors on my 2017 Silvy. Everything is fine except the mirrors, especially driver side, continually creeps out. It happens a little at a time and I usually can't stand it anymore and push it back in by the time it gets to 1/2 inch or so out. When out, they seem to stay out just fine. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so is there a 'fix'? I didn't find anything the way I searched. I have a couple of ideas to try, but thought I would go with something proven if it existed. Thanks
  5. Should be able to display the trans temp on the DIC display. If it isn't showing up now as you scroll through the different displays you may have to go into the options and choose it. There is a list of different info to display in the options and the trans temp is probably just not selected. Good luck
  6. I have seen this many times on different equipment over the years. I always take the lowest reading as the correct one. Some equipment manuals have even directed to do so. Good luck!
  7. Hmmmm.....Seems to be exactly opposite of what is cited in owner's manual. "Follow these guidelines: . To get an accurate reading, park the vehicle on level ground. Check the engine oil level after the engine has been off for at least two hours. Checking the engine oil level on steep grades or too soon after engine shutoff can result in incorrect readings. Accuracy improves when checking a cold engine prior to starting. Remove the dipstick and check the level. . If unable to wait two hours, the engine must be off for at least 15 minutes if the engine is warm, or at least 30 minutes if the engine is not warm. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean paper towel or cloth, then push it back in all the way. Remove it again, keeping the tip down, and check the level." Fortunately, mine has been fine, but only at 4500 miles. I found these instructions 'different' than any other vehicle I have had. Vehicles were something I had always checked hot, but not this truck.
  8. I sort of figured as much. Guess maybe I can try to wear the switch out instead of the ballasts. Thanks
  9. Maybe silly question here. I park in a garage at home. It takes me just long enough to park that the headlights come on in place of the DRLs (garage is dark) before I am stopped and shut the truck off. With the HID bulbs in my LT is this going to cause a problem with the bulbs or ballasts? It isn't like I am doing this multiple times per day or something, but it catches my eye that the headlights click on, initially looking very bright against the wall, and then dimming down after a second. Not familiar with the lifespan or number of cycles these things made to handle. thanks
  10. Hmmmm..... My 2017 Z71 came with Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude tires and there was a $200 charge on the sticker for white letters. I have the 18" wheels.
  11. ^^^ I use BatteryMInders as well, multiple boat batteries, RV, tractor, mowers..... Have only had to replace two batteries in ten years since moving here I believe it works and increases battery longevity.
  12. Update. This is what I have found. Steering wheel volume controls and volume knob will adjust Siri/map direction volume. The red I was seeing is some kind of minimum that the volume controls will not go below. I can set different radio and Siri/map volumes. I just cannot go below this minimum volume. Phone controls don't seem to affect volume during carplay use. I also played around with the volume settings in the map app and they do not seem to affect the volume or this minimum volume when using carplay. My Malibu does in fact operate the same way. For some reason this minimum setting in the Malibu is lower to my ears and I guess I have been making any adjustments above it. The volume does adjust and I never noticed the minimum because I was using settings above it. The Silverado minimum is louder to my ears and I was attempting to use settings below it and did not get anywhere. This is all I could figure out. If anyone knows a way to lower this minimum, red bar Siri/map volume I would love to try it.
  13. I will probably mention this to dealer next time in, but looking for any insight. When using Apple Carplay (iPhone SE) in my 2017 LT I am not able to adjust the volume for the map directions, phone call audio, etc. with either the steering wheel controls or the head unit knob. When I attempt to change the volume during a call or during directions the 'volume bar' appears in red, but the volume doesn't change. Also, if the radio audio is off, it comes on. It doesn't appear to me that anything else is happening. This is not how it works in my '16 Malibu. I can set separate volumes for audio, calls, map directions. It is a little more upscale than the LT, but it seems to me the truck should act the same. Any insight?? Thank you
  14. I am not really worried about it. I was used to it in my 2012. I just thought it curious I hadn't noticed I,t in two months and 2k miles, until today and then today it stayed low nearly all the time.
  15. Just went over 2250 miles on the 2017 LT doing some errands today. I was used to seeing the charging voltage vary on my 2012. Not sure what the parameters were, but it varied with charge-discharge and temperature. I had noted to myself that the 2017 didn't seem to do that. I don't recall ever seeing the volt gauge drop more than a needle width below 14, until today. Today I noticed it running well below 14, closer to the low end of the normal band most of the day. It would run over 14 immediately after start, but quickly dropped. Not worried, just curious why I didn't see this on the new truck until now. Don't think I changed anything. Same trips I commonly make. Weather was nothing different to speak of. Any thoughts!
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