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  1. I feel your pain. I want black GMC on my hubs. Already blacked the front and rear GMC emblems. Just don't think the red goes with my Cayenne Red paint. Just ordered this Amazon.com: Dupli-Color EHWP10800 High-Performance Wheel Coating Gloss Black: Automotive a couple days ago to try. We'll see how it works. Good luck
  2. Anyone have the front shock torque values for the 2020+ HD trucks? New mounting style compared to previous models and can't find any manuals anywhere yet. Putting Bilstein 4600s all around because I liked them so much on both of my 1500s. Thanks
  3. OP, good info. Thanks Any interest or possibility of adding some torque values for things like differential covers, drain/fill plugs, transfer case drain/fill plugs, oil pan plug, transmission pan, etc. I think many, inclulding myself, would love to see them. Thanks
  4. 3 or 4 pumps each, just enough to see the boot swell a little. Probably just a couple pumps each oil change from now on. I use Lucas Red & Tacky #2, same as boat and RV trailer bearings.
  5. Sorry all. Found the last two. When I turned the wheels to the right to get better access to the zerks on top of the steering arms, the driver side lower ball joint zerk magically appeared. Finding the one on the passenger side was easy after that. :). I feel good to be in the 9 zerk club with everyone else. Cheers
  6. Hi all Checking things out on the '21 Sierra 2500. I have read on this forum to expect 9 grease zerks. I am only finding 7. Excuse my descriptions, but: tie rod ends (2), streering joint just behind top of front tires (2), steering arm next to motor (1), steering arm on passenger side (2). What / where am I missing? Doesn't look like they were touched during my 'courtesy' oil change and rotation. Thanks
  7. My symptoms were the same, including the little brake controller light. NO, I have not had the issue again after finding/fixing the shorted wire in the axle. Still don't know if issues other than a short can trigger those symptoms. Good luck
  8. Yes, your red arrow is the loom you were curious about and you can see it disappears into that large bundle. Then??? good luck
  9. Not easy, sorry. The first pic shows how that loom 'terminates' into a very large bundle below the aux batter tray. That large bundle runs up behind the power steering reservoir. There it most of it turns and goes back toward the firewall, but it has a couple sprouts right behind the reservoir. One of them goes into some kind of plug right there; the other looks to go and follow along the valve cover on the passenger side. The third pic shows the large bundle going the other direction. It goes into a black hole behind part of the support for the aux battery tray. Sorry it isn't obvio
  10. More pics. Next to last is a more close-up of the engine end , pos end of the aux batt, sort of repeat of pic two Again, if you point out on pics where you need more I might be able to help.
  11. I might not be the best to try to help, but I do have a gasser with the factory Aux batt. Pics should be in order, from top of battery with cover removed and then just follow the wire loom. Last pic is where it connects to fuse block with that cover removed. If you let me know where you need more detail I might be able to get it. FWIW, as far as I know the aux batt is connected to the 12V of the camper/trailer plugs. I have not added any accessories. It is isolated from the primary battery in every 'key' position except run. Connected in run to charge. Doesn't matter if t
  12. I fought this issue for over a year with two trucks with a trailer that is still only 3 years old. Went through trailer plugs/cords, truck plugs, a brake magnet, checked grounds,..... Finally found a shorted wire inside the front axle. The brake wires on this trailer ran through the hollow axle from one side to the other. Hard to find the issue as it was so intermittent. Did slowly get worse, but sill not constant and couldn't find a short when it wasn't shorted. Eventually just started pulling wire to start from scratch and found the bad spot. Lots of possibilities I guess, but
  13. Yes, but I believe that is different than the "Check Trailer Wiring" message concerning brakes. The trailer app readout on the infotainment screen always knew when trailer was connected and showed no faults ever. I would get the "Check Trailer Wiring" message on the DIC, lose brakes, and the infotainment screen would still show connected, no faults (lights would work). I have heard of many people having an issue with the truck knowing a trailer was connected or not. I haven't had that problem. The truck was detecting something specific to the brake system, which I believe I finally fo
  14. "Probably" found the problem. Picture is the wire I pulled out of the front trailer axle. On this trailer the brake wires run from the driver side wheel, through the hollow axle, to the passenger side wheel. Intermittent problem. Had a terrible time finding issue until I just tore into everything to start replacing. Another note of interest. I still don't know what the truck looks at or what actually trips the "Check Trailer Wiring" DIC message. On both trucks when I would get that message I would have no trailer brakes. I discovered during troubleshooting that if one brake
  15. Hmmmm, interesting. I wonder if they are reading from the same spot in the flow, or if there is more than one sensor and they aren't reading from the some one.
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