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  1. Thanks. That would be about 4" increase for me, more drop required than current hitch has holes. Easy enough fix.
  2. I know this is a little old, but how much bigger were the upgraded guards than the factory molded rock chip things? I haven't seen a side by side comparison. I assume you are talking about these: with a bow tie maybe. Thanks
  3. I have a Sierra 2500 CCSB with 20" wheels on the way. What should I expect for hitch height, i.e. distance from ground to top of the 2.5 inch receiver? I am sure it will be more than my 1500 and I will need larger drop ball mounts. Thanks
  4. Another update. Order completed with dealer 22 Dec. They told me they wouldn't have allocation for my order until week of 11 Jan. I went to status 3000 accepted by production control week of 22 Jan Status 3300 with TPW of 22 Feb week of 1 Feb It was status 3400 broadcast to production by Mon the 22nd and is 3800 produced today. Was told waiting for inspection and no ship estimate as of yet. Gas, CC, 2500, SLT
  5. TPW = Targeted Production Week So I guess the scheduled build week until something changes.
  6. Just a little info for those interested. I ordered with dealer on 22 Dec. Dealer said they wouldn't be able to put order in until mid Jan (allocation). The order was at code 3000, accepted by production control, week of 22 Jan. I just got a TPW date this week of 22 Feb. Dealer is saying they are averaging 40 days for delivery after that (central IN). Long way off but that would be about 12 wks if the wait for dealer allocation to submit to GM they warned me of is discounted. I have a new RV trailer on order as well. That estimate was 4-6 months.
  7. That sticker shows GVWR derated to 10000.
  8. I have so special insight. But, they seem to be selling more than they are able to make right now so not sure why I would expect incentives to be more attractive. I have a 2500HD on order with employee pricing, not the everyone pricing. I will get any additional incentives at delivery, probably end of Feb to mid March. I am not expecting much, if anything.
  9. Should be able to mirror the Apple Carplay items on the screen. Carplay has to be enabled on phone and truck. Phone, I believe, has to be plugged in for the Carplay to work on the 2020. The Projection icon should change to Apple Carplay icon and then you can select it to see phone mirror.
  10. Can't help with the incentives. Fortunately, I can get the employee price through my uncle pretty much anytime. Anyway, I too wanted the body color wheel moldings on the 2500HD. My dealer as well said couldn't get right now. BUT, they were an LPO (dealer installed) option anyway and they would write them up with the purchase and install when they could finally get them.
  11. Time to do some mx. Does anyone have torque specs for front diff plugs, transfer case plugs and rear diff cover bolts? Figure I will use the if I can get them. 2017 Silverado with the 9.5 rear axle. Thanks
  12. Hello all, I let the dealer grease monkeys do one of the free oil changes and the dipstick is reading high. It is about 3/8 inch above the top of the hash mark, stone cold after overnight sit. Checked two days in a row and looked the same. So, how high is too high? 2017 5.3L
  13. No seat memory. Nothing electrical here, it is just the mirror 'rattles' out over time. This is the push-pull tow extension part of the mirror. Sounds like I am not the only one. If no one ends up posting a proven fix I will probably try an idea or two of my own. Don't think it would take much.
  14. Thought I would throw this out here since I know many on this site have upgraded to tow mirrors. I have the A1 Auto manual extending tow mirrors on my 2017 Silvy. Everything is fine except the mirrors, especially driver side, continually creeps out. It happens a little at a time and I usually can't stand it anymore and push it back in by the time it gets to 1/2 inch or so out. When out, they seem to stay out just fine. Is anyone else experiencing this and if so is there a 'fix'? I didn't find anything the way I searched. I have a couple of ideas to try, but thought I would go with something proven if it existed. Thanks
  15. Should be able to display the trans temp on the DIC display. If it isn't showing up now as you scroll through the different displays you may have to go into the options and choose it. There is a list of different info to display in the options and the trans temp is probably just not selected. Good luck
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