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  1. I purchased my 2020, 2500 Duramax in September. I ordered it with the all of the trailering features. I also ordered an auxiliary camera to attach my travel trailer, which I installed in November. It worked great for the first two months. Six weeks ago it stopped working completely. I tried every combination of plugging and unplugging, cleaning connectors, switching between the interior and exterior jack. Finally, I removed it from the trailer and took it to a Chevy dealer. They let me plug it into one of their trucks to see if
  2. I purchased one to use while I was waiting for my Leer camper shell to arrive. The shell ended up arriving in two weeks (they told me it would be 4-6 weeks), so the cover was only on my truck for about ten days. I’ll sell it for $600, if you are interested. Thank you, Bazel
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