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  1. 2-3 harsh upshift, 2014 silverdo

    to reply above, it shifts harsh enough that it is concerning to damage to the rear end Fluids were changed at 45k. Scheduled to do filter now at 100k, with fluid change again
  2. Silverado 2-3 Harsh Shift

    Well I am going back in to see what the Tranny experts have to say. Yes it goes away as it warms up. Possibly the truck and clutch packs are getting worn after 90k of hard miles, stop and go and such. So maybe when it warms up, then things clam down. I know that the fluid in these make a big difference esp. with temperature. I also know the transmission increase line pressure during startup to help warm themselves and engine and possibly I am feeling that more as the truck ages. Regardless, I don't like it and will be following up with what I find.
  3. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    What I am learning is some have it and some don't in the 2014 year. As we 2014 owners know, there were updates made to later 2014 and 2015 that we didn't get. Like reading text, 4g, and guessing the fan. Just like in 14 you can change the theme of the radio but by 2015 that option is gone. I talked to the dealer, tried a few used. IT was 50-50 which did it and didn't. My wifes traverse does it so I just thought is was odd my 2014 didn't. Thanks for the replies. Out of warranty, so no free program updates either....BOOO
  4. hello, anyone getting a harsh upshift from 2-3 on their Silverado? 3.42 gear, 5.3, 90K miles. Odd thing is, only does it when cold. even right now in Minnesota, 70 deg mornings, it is stiff for the first few shifts or until the tranny warms to 100-120. Then smooth. Any idea? Worried something going out
  5. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    so could something be wrong with the radio? How do you even fix this?
  6. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    maybe I should try my old phone, I bet it is that. I went thru all the setting and it doesn't have an option. And it is weird that OnStar and Nav make it adjust. Like phone not passing same info.
  7. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    so could it be my phone and the compatibility? Using a Droid Z2. I don't remember it working with this phone but did with my past I thought. I tried make a call thru the voice controls and steering. Doenst knock down fan speed. It does however if I call onstar or use the nav, which is weird. Any ideas how to fix it?
  8. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    Actually I just had my battery die after 4 years so it didn't change anything. Also, just perform full reset thru infotainment menu. No change. If I use onstar nav or call it reduces fan speed, but not on blue tooth. Maybe that wasn't a feature in 2014? Kinda like text and others they added from 2015+ Any 14 owners to chime in?
  9. 2014 LT Silverado, is the air fan speed supposed to drop when a phone call comes in on Bluetooth, given the fan system is blowing HIGH in Auto mode? I thought mine used to do it, and now it doesn't. Looking for some others with a 2014 that could enlighten me. Thanks for the help in advance. PS. IF mine isn't working like it should, how do I fix it?
  10. Shift flare

    i have a 2014 that my dealer says has this issue, provided me bulletin PIP5429: 2-3 Upshift Slip or Flare But does flare mean HARSH SHIFT? My truck has a harsh 2-3 shift when cold until tranny temp is 100F. Then it is smooth. Like a manual transmission dropping clutch. Any opinions or help wanted. I want to fix truck before I loose my warranty. Thank you
  11. 2014, 5.3L, 86000 miles, Silverado 4x4 with 3.42 gear As title says it has a harsh shift from 2-3 in the morning when cold(30-60 degree in MN). Bulletin says it goes away with oil temp which is true. Notice once above 100F it is good. But mine is not so much a shift flair but a harsh shift, like dropping the clutch in manual Anyone else experience this? Is this bulletin correct or do I have another problem before my 5 year/100000 runs out? Thank you PIP5429: 2-3 Upshift Slip or Flare Some customers may comment on a 2-3 upshift slip or flare. This condition is a NORMAL characteristic of the transmission, it will not cause durability concerns and no repair attempts should be made. At this time this flare condition has been recognized in two different driving conditions: During the first 2-3 upshift after the vehicle has been sitting, engine off for several hours. This condition may be caused by air that is trapped in the 3-5-R clutch assembly. When the first 2-3 upshift is made this trapped air is purged and the following 2-3 shifts will be normal with no flare. When diagnosing this condition a garage shift into reverse before drive will purge this air and prevent the 2-3 flare from occurring. This condition is a NORMAL characteristic of the transmission, it will not cause durability concerns and no repair attempts should be made. When transmission ATF temperature is at or below 85 degrees F (30 degrees C). This 2-3 upshift flare can occur until the ATF temperature warms. If the 2-3 flare is determined to be ATF temperature sensitive use a Tech 2 to make note of the throttle position when the flare occurs. Drive the vehicle to get ATF temperature to at least 104 degrees F (40 degrees C) and then make several 2-3 shifts at the throttle position determined to be the most sensitive to the 2-3 flare. This will allow the transmission adapts to tailor the shifts and may help to eliminate the cold 2-3 flare. This condition is a NORMAL characteristic of the transmission, it will not cause durability concerns and no repair attempts should be made.
  12. Does gas makes these trucks touchy and do this?
  13. No lights but yeah kind a like traction control. I thought fuel but then I figured I have that during passing and that never happens. Only happens during take off from dead stop
  14. 2014, Silverado 5.3L, 3.42 rear end, 85000miles. Fuel induction services performed, throttle body cleaned, MAF sensor replace, new spark plugs and wires, top tier gas etc. Keep having times when I accelerate from a stop sign or red light, where the truck appears to have reduced power. It will take off normal, but when it shifts into 2nd or 3rd, its like it falls on its face. You can hear the motor even lug down. Like reduced power, or stuck in wrong gear or like brakes are hanging on. If you push the engine to the floor, it WILL NOT DOWNSHIFT. Youll hear the motor bog as if it is lugging. It kinda chokes thru it and eventually comes back to life with throttle response. THis happens over 5 second period from the stop, feels dangerous as I have no controls. Dealer taking it again and giving it this time to transmission guy to drive for a day or two with data logger. Any help? Thank you
  15. HARSH SHIFT 1-2, 2-3 WHEN COLD?

    So I left it over night at the dealer. They said there was definitely issues with valve body. It was getting commands to shift and yet not shifting. Like a stuck spool valve. So they replaced valve body and flushed transmission. Truck drives like new now and shift smooth even at 60-70F expect right in the morning. Right now it is 30F in Minnesota, she shifts stiff and hangs in gear for the first shift or two as I leave the neighborhood. Once thru that, smooth. Now I have been told that these trucks do this for warmup. Manual even mentions it. So is this normal? I am sure after 80K stop and go, the truck and its clutches are somewhat worn hence why it is more pronounce versus when it was new.

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