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  1. my 6 speed had 93k when it went after chevy fixed it under warranty i tossed some 35's on it. I doubt itll last another 50k with the way it shifts
  2. mine had the harsh 3 to 2 shift and even worse slam in the 2 to 1 shift when coming to a red light
  3. would be cool if chevy did the same. instead ill guess we will just suffer
  4. i had to go in a handful of times to have my trans looked at. they eventually replaced it to make my harsh downshifts stop
  5. V4 mode

    love how people in other threads have been saying the 2016+ trucks dont have the problems of the past. same old shitty GM trans tuning OP - take your truck in for warranty and battle them until they fix the rough downshifting. i brought mine to them 6 or 8 times until i got a new trans
  6. Z71 Grill Emblem Ad

    only good thing about a z71 is the emblems lol. shit shocks. skidplates, are you kidding?
  7. pretty much any truck with a decent shifting transmission will be in the choices for my next rig. unfortunately a k2xx wont be a contender
  8. this was funny to me until i remembered the piece of wood i had to stick behind my gas pedal to make my truck have less than shitty throttle response. do i dare post the chevy recall for brakes not working? haha
  9. i guess cummins must be crappy motors then lmao
  10. yeah idk give me a cummins any day over a dmax. dmax are just as prone to new age diesel issues but ton harder to repair. you cant really be "devoted" to any company all the trucks have some sort of issues. but as for chevy im sick of them saying burning oil is OK, the shake, and the trans tuning..etc. its unacceptable. what are the known issues on a toyota tundra? Some guys got lucky with a decent k2xx. some didnt. most dont even have enough miles on them to be a factor yet
  11. whats so bad about dodge trucks. they have come a loooong ways from the old ones. and the trans works perfecto
  12. i think im just tellin it like it is. im no brand loyal nutswinger & my next rig will certainly not be a shitty shiftin GM truck
  13. i dont understand...so you bought a new 14' & it shook so bad you traded it in. but they are still excellent trucks? haha

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