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  1. it only lifted the truck like 2.25" they will rub the liners around full lock on a off level surface. ive never done anything about that as it barely ever rubs but i could probly tie the liners back a little and it would go away
  2. change the fluids all you want it will still fail. the transmission tuning in the trucks kills the trans. My truck was babied and my trans went out at 96k
  3. i have 35x12.5's on a ebay level block, norcal fender mod, and i think a 1.5" body lift
  4. is dexcool the orange HOAt stuff? all i know is dont mix green and orange
  5. years ago i had a hole in the top of my snowmobile piston from water ingestion riding through powdery snow. could maybe be water in the gas?
  6. you can try the good ol' sparkplug extension collar on the O2 sensor if that doesnt work then probably need a tune
  7. what the hell is valve cleaner and where did you spray it? probably got it all over a sensor
  8. Cars.com is free and good i just sold a car on there. Had it listed on craiglist too but didnt get many hits from there unless they were low ball offers
  9. ive never owned a chevy that doesnt burn a quart per oil change. chevy said it was "normal" on the older LS series motors. probably the same for ours but ive never researched or cared about it. somehow the EPA allows chevy motors to burn oil and its not a problem?
  10. couldnt agree more. ive never really thought of that before i just figured the guy who engineered the trans tuning was drunk when he did it
  11. OP you havnt even had the real issues yet. like your brakes not working, your transmission downshifting so hard it screeches the tires, and the good ol chevy shake
  12. buy a cheapy set of wheels to put winter tires on. i take my 35's off in the winter and put my 275's or whatever they are back on. Wide tires are not gonna be your best bet in snow
  13. Even when i had TPMS that light came on so often it might as well have just stayed lit. Any night the temp dropped that puppy would be on it the morn. Youll save a lot of te and money by learning to just live with it like just like we all live with the terrible trans tuning
  14. the 6 speeds are just as bad. GM is sure putting out some terrible transmissions. they eat themselves alive due to poor tuning
  15. why even bother getting tpms? i havent had them for 2-3 years now it doesnt make the truck do anything different
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