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  1. google "chevy shake" for a good laugh
  2. it would be pretty funny to go to the dealer for this fix and have them deny me because im out of warranty, and then get in an accident pulling out of the dealer because my truck wouldnt stop lol
  3. 100K!

    all you clowns who think pulling out in front of a vehicle going over the speed limit will make the world a safer place better hope the guy your pulling in front of doesnt have a dash cam lol
  4. im out of warranty, i wonder if they will fix mine for free? i have the issue pretty bad. It gets interesting backing my boat down the ramp thats for sure. I guess if they dont cover i can just get into a accident and get some serious insurance $$ right?
  5. those pictures of the hacked up liner are hilarious. just do the norcal mod it looks factory when all done. i have 35x12.5's on mine with a body lift and a level and it doesnt rub
  6. Mine had 95k all bone stock then the trans went. Then i tossed on my 35’s and beat the shit out of it after i got a brandy new trans under warranty lol. Id have to say most guys with 50k or less have no problems. If you actually drive these trucks they are total $hitboxes. Just park them in the driveway they never break haha
  7. go drive 100,000 miles on either truck and report back to us lol hell drive one for 70k i bet your view will change
  8. most the guys on here with over 100k on these motors, myself included, do not have a stupid catch can. Waste of $$
  9. most guys on here are afraid to tow a jetski with their trucks. just take it easy youll be just fine
  10. Yeah true haha mine only sees the 1320 not really what its made for
  11. I could never figure out why most people spring the extra $$ for the raptor but only drive it where a toyota camry can go how many raptor drivers actually use them hard offroad?
  12. I'd say it would sell at $25-26k. It would sit for sale for a while for more would be my guess. whats a brand new 1500 custom cost like $31-32k? more warranty, less miles, and only a few stickers away from being a LT z71 lol sell the wheel tire package separate
  13. you talking the ecoboost or my backyard sloppy mechanic self installing them on my rig?
  14. compared to a ram 1500 v8 and ford with the 5.0. hell even the fords with the small ecoboost feel peppier than my shitbox 5.3 yeah i could spend $500 on a tune and drive 33 miles to the nearest e85 station but at that point might as well just do twin turbos and nitrous while im at it lol

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