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  1. If you don't have too much time between the level and tires, I would just wait until you do both. JMHO
  2. Thanks man! I hope it's as dependable as what I've read. If so, it will most likely be my last truck. Or maybe I should say that I will keep it forever. I had my 2000 Z71 1500 for 19 years. Ended up with 296k miles, original trans and motor, interior was near perfect. Also had a couple of other trucks through that time, but kept that one for a long time. I feel like this will be the same.
  3. This is also a great source for seeing what works, and plenty of pictures showing what the end result should look like. https://www.customwheeloffset.com/search-wheel-offset-gallery
  4. Well after searching for about 8 months, driving all different manufacturers, and gas, I finally settled on a 2017 Denali, 6.6, with 50k on the clock. So far, I'm loving it. What a truck!!!! The wheels will most likely be the first mod. Just not a big fan of them. I need something a little more subtle.
  5. Hey guys, sorry to waste your time. I'm going to pass on this long bed, and just be patient for short bed. Here's the listing if anyone is interested. https://www.thecarcompanyonline.com/vdp/12935935/Used-2015-Chevrolet-Silverado-3500HD-High-Country-for-sale-in-Baltimore-OH-43105
  6. Thanks. I plan to delete before the end of the year.
  7. Thanks for the quick feedback. I'll be financing, and it is all stock. No tune, no delete (yet). I'm starting a small LLC with some small equipment, so if I need tow mirrors, eventually I'll get them. Good stuff so far! Thanks! It's really clean inside and out.
  8. Hey guys, I sold my 2500hd, and will trade in or sell my '14 Sierra 1/2 ton for a Duramax. My eyes are on a 2015 High Country that I've driven 3 times now, and may just pull the trigger tomorrow, unless you give me a good idea why not to. 2015 3500HD High Country 149,000 miles Super clean. Origianl (one owner) took great care of it. Crew cab, long bed, runs out great. Drives awesome, pulls hard! Anything I should check? Any and all helpful info would be greatly appreciated. Ron
  9. Do you mind mentioning which stealership it is?
  10. Your links aren't working for me. Anyone else have an issue?
  11. I got my well equipped '14 SLE with 45k miles for under $25k last year. I believe the only thing that it doesn't have versus an SLT is leather seats. I love it.
  12. I believe you can buy direct from coverking as well.
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