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  1. I think I would rather not say at this point. I take partial responsibility in their confusion in the part number as I gave them the wrong part number initially. In a perfect world the customer shouldn’t have to be the one researching these things but I wanted them to put on the panel since it was negotiated that they would do so. I have a couple of other concerns about the vehicle that I discovered last night. I emailed them last night and also called them this morning but didn’t get a call back so Im going back down to the dealership tomorrow..
  2. I found the part number 84147824 while doing one final search last night. The dealership now confirms that is the correct part number. I’m disappointed in the dealership since my salesman, the used sales manager, and the parts manager all told me the part does not exist. They each told me there is no panel that goes in that spot even after I sent videos and pictures of 2014s with the panel on. The salesman had told me just today that there is no way a panel could go in that spot because it will be crushed. I am happy to report that I am taking home the truck today and they have stated they will order the panel.
  3. Thanks guys. To me it looks like this part but It says passenger side and after searching I’m not sure what the drivers side part number is. https://www.gmpartsgiant.com/parts/gm-cover-f-seat-adjr-fin-jet-black-84147832.html?Make=Chevrolet&Model=Silverado&Year=2014&Submodel=1500+4WD&Filter=(t=MYC;m=CK15743)
  4. Yes that is that part that is circled. The salesman told me that there is no way a cover could go over it since it would be crushed when the seat is lowered...Hmm
  5. I am purchasing a 2014 Silverado and noticed an area that looked to me that was missing a plastic cover. It was agreed that the dealership would put on the cover but now they are telling me the cover does not exist. I found part number 84147832 but they told me that is only for 2016-17 models. Can anyone confirm if there is a panel covering the seat belt pre-tensioner on the 14? Thanks for the input!
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