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  1. Yes stock 20" gm rims. I had about 3/4 inch space left I would say. I can confirm in the morning but I probably could got a little wider or taller and it might have fit. But these have never rubbed so far and I've had wheel turned pretty sharp while hitting bumps, going up inclines, etc..
  2. Those tires will look awesome I bet and the wider tires do look better. Can't go wrong with the bfg ko2's. I know alot of people who had the original ko's and they lasted a long time and the ko2's are supposed to be even better so we will hope and see.
  3. 275 65 20 BFG KO2 I love the KO2 they look very aggressive for a all terrain tire
  4. Top picture is stock and bottom is with rc 2.5" level and zone 1.5" body lift. Also didn't install the rear blocks that came with the level.
  5. Have not seen this yet but wow. I know I read something about a year ago that there was a tsb on the headlights and mentioned it to my dealer and they reprogramed truck and installed new headlights and it was 100% better.
  6. Thanks for the welcome everybody! I'm looking forward to learning so many new things about these trucks!
  7. Thank you CaptiveBolt. So the swap is the same for the 1500 with the DL3 small mirrors as is the diesels with the DL3 small mirrors? With the same part numbers I take it? Thanks
  8. I've been reading through this topic for 30 some pages and can't find an answer. So please forgive me if its posted in here somewhere. But my question is does anyone know what part numbers and wiring harnesses I need to get the power fold oem tow mirrors. I have a 2014 gmc sierra 1500 slt with mirrors that power fold, dim,turn signal,heated,power... from what I read they are DL3 mirrors. Thanks in advance
  9. Hey everyone! New to this forum but not to GM Trucks. Ive been on duramax forum for a while but when the wife got pregnant I gave up the extended cab straight pipe duramax and all that. Settled with a 2014 Gmc Sierra crew cab for more space for a car seat lol.
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