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  1. So I got it into the dealership a while back and they replaced the trailer light control module and it still didn’t fix anything. After that they were able to steal a receptacle off of another truck and swap it onto mine and establish that it was just a faulty receptacle. It’s worked perfectly since they replaced that.
  2. I’ve hooked up a couple other trucks to the trailers and they work totally fine. It’s going back to the dealership this Thursday and I’m not taking it back till I can tow a trailer.
  3. 2020 2500 Duramax. Is anyone else having problems with their trailer lights? I’m having problems with the lights on all but one of my three trailers. Left turn signal and brake is not working. Took it to the dealer and they gave me some bs about how the truck can’t run led lights or more than 10 amps and blew me off. So essentially my brand new truck I bought for towing can’t tow a trailer with more than two tail lights. One of the two it isn’t working on is led and one is not and it runs the led lights just fine, just not the left turn or brake on both.
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