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  1. Appreciate this information, inwas told I was buying tires that were rated for winter and will not have any issue with the BC government’s requirement of winter tires. I think this dealership lied to me.
  2. I bought a set of F150 “FX4 package” AT tires, Hankook Dynapro AT2 RF11 275/60r20, from a local ford dealer. My OE trailrunners that came on my 2020 Elevation X31 are worn to the point I didn’t want to repair a small leak in one. the ford dealer said they were 3PMSF rated but it’s not depicted on the side wall. Any one run these tires in the winter? I’m in Alberta,
  3. Im looking at getting a 3,380 LBS travel trailer, its not a goose neck, with a GVWR of 4,300 in the brochure. Ive looked at the sticker in my Door jam but cant seem to figure what numbers are important to consider. im a complete noob to towing so go easy on me lol the sticker on my truck says GVWR 7100 lbs, GCWR 15000, RGAWR 3800, Curb Weight 5312, Max Payload 1788, Conventional TWR 9400Lbs, Max Tongue weight 940lbs thanks in advance.
  4. Long time no see, today for my first oil change I brought up the fact that my truck sometimes shifts hard coming to a stop. Always the 2-1 shift. This was the response... the service advisor said “there is a lawsuit in the states”.. dunno if that’s true? Looking for opinions, will this ever go away?!
  5. Thanks everyone! I’ve been going through a couple mud puddles and I’m impressed how it handles on gravel range roads at speed (80-100km/hr)
  6. Took it down some range roads, hit a couple mud holes on a oilfield lease road. Tried the 4x4 and it had no problems. Never missed a beat. Here’s a pic I took!
  7. Oh and the x31 adds 275/60R20 GOODYEAR WRANGLER TRAILRUNNER AT tires
  8. Thanks gents! I got the 5.3L V8 with the 10spd transmission. X31 off-road adds same parts as Z71 on a Chevy: skid plates, rancho shocks, 2 speed transfer case, hill descent control, G80 locking rear diff, dual exhaust out the back bumper. Got a truxedo PRO X15 tonneau cover on the way from 4WP.
  9. Sorry I’m a bit late getting back to you folks. Was out enjoying the truck with the wife and dogs. Here’s some pictures!
  10. 2 hours away from owning my first GM truck! Sierra 1500 elevation crew cab, short box, X31 off-road in satin steel!
  11. There won’t be holes under the elevation badges or the Sierra lettering eh?
  12. Wondering if someone could guide a guy towards de-badging my new 2020 elevation. mainly looking to take the elevation badges off the tail gate, and front doors.. maybe the “Sierra” off the tail gate as well. TIA!
  13. I like it, great idea for all my adventure gear. this is something that I am not concerned with getting the dealer to install. the dealer said he can take the TrailRunner AT off and swap for BFG KO2 for a small price difference, any idea what size fits these trucks with factory rim and no level or lift?
  14. Ah I see what your saying! I do quite a bit of hunting and fishing, my wife got a car and I use a service truck daily. So not many km’s/year on this vehicle.
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