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  1. As someone who has a towing and rescue business and hauls cattle/horses all over western canada, i have seen a hell of a lot more accidents and people that hit the ditch with bumper pull trailers than gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers. 1/2 tons are light enough as is and all the weight directly on the back end of the trucks makes it terrible for weight distribution and 90% of the people say "i couldnt steer and the whole unit started swaying." In fact i did a compairison. I sold a 1953 apache step side to a guy and i had to haul it, my gooseneck was unavailabe so i used my buddies 18' steel bumper pull with two 7000lb axles. The truck weighted 1860kg (4000lbs) without fuel, the trailer is 1360kg dry (3000lbs). All loaded up i was 3200kg rougly. I drove by a scale on my way to drop it off and on my rear axle of my 2014 gmc at 1500 with 3.24s i tipped it at 1900kg! Thats 200kg over what that axle is rated for. Keep in mind i loaded that 53 step side over the axles on that trailer and slighly ahead. Three weeks ago i sold some beef yearlings, had to haul them to market. The trailer is a 20' gooseneck steel norbert with two 7000lb axles again, the trailer dry is 2200kg (5000lbs). Once i loaded up the trailer, could maybe have fit one more in, on my way to the market i drove over the scale on that same rear axle of then 1800kg pretty well exactly. Still slightly over rated for that rear axle. Once i got them to the market and weighed they ended up being 3200kg all together (7000lbs). So thats a total load weight of 12,0000lbs. Way over loaded for my 'tow rating' i know. But how the hell does that work? A bumper pull loaded to 7000lbs and a gooseneck loaded up to 12,000lbs and the gooseneck was 100kg lighter on the rear axle of the truck. I did write down the difference in the weights on the front end of the truck, i just cant remember them off the top of my head. I'm sure there was more weight on the steer tires with the gooseneck though.
  2. I think people forget that trucks are made for towing and hauling crap around. Lol. When i buy a truck, i'm looking at it as a tool and its going to use it like what its ment for. Towing and hauling. When anyone is buying a used 1/2 ton with a g/n hitch or 5th wheel rails they should realize that if its well maintained, its not any less discounted. Imo towing from sightly ahead off the axle is 'safer' as far as handling and weight distribution. I rarely tow from the bumper. Unless its the boat.
  3. Installing the Under-bed gooseneck hitch from Curt Mfg.
  4. 14, 5.3, 3.42 Hauled hay, straw, cattle, horses, wakeboarding boat, tractors, trucks, tons of stuff. Mainly use the gooseneck setup. Pulls like a boss.
  5. Sweet thanks fellas. I'll check that out tonight. Something so simple why wouldn't they just do it at the factory? Lol
  6. Does anyone know how to hook up the 12v constant power to the run lights in my trailer? They definitely work on our dodge 3500, but on my 2014 Sierra 1500 they don't. My only assumption is its not hooked up from the factory. Is it as simple as the older model GM trucks? Hook up a wire to the post by the fuse box and plug in a fuse for that location? Cheers
  7. Ya way over towing capacity. 3800lbs over I think. Bales were about 900lbs each. Not sure if I had 11 or 12 on that load, but i'm sure that load with the trailer was 13,400 lbs. But I like how gooseneck trailers handle. With the hitch point being slightly ahead of the axle it sways a lot less and they are easier to maneuver around. Also I swear I get better fuel mileage with a gooseneck. I pulled a 16' aluminum bumper pull stock trailer for awhile and it sucked more fuel than my new 20'steel gooseneck trailer. That gooseneck is almost like a knife.
  8. Not 100% sure what answer your looking for, but all of my trailers are goosenecks, 23' Prospector flat deck with 4' beaver tails and a 20' Norbert stock trailer. I never really pull from the bumper. Unless its my buddies wakeboarding boat. Or if your asking what you need to pull a gooseneck, Curt makes a super affordable, very solid under bed gooseneck hitch. I bought that and installed it myself. Also I have a tool box/slip tank combo at the front of my box, so I bought Curt's 6" ball offset to set the ball back another 6". I would also suggest getting a good set of air bags for the back suspension and upgrade your tires to load E rated.
  9. More pictures to come. Can include some hooked up to my gooseneck flat deck or gooseneck stock trailer if people are interested.
  10. HOFFandGoldman's 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 All-Terrain. 5.3L V8, 4x4, 6 speed, 3.42 rear end. "The real working half ton" Modifications: -Curt Mfg under bed gooseneck hitch receiver with curt 6" offset ball -275/65/20 Toyo open country M/T -2.5" rough country front lift, 3" rough country rear blocks -Boss air suspension double convoluted air bags -3" Magnaflow cat back exhaust with a 4" outlet 12" long stainless steel tip -AirAid cold air intake -Custom dyno tune by Performance Plus in Saskatoon, SK -front windows tinted at 35%
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