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  1. Dealership said torque converter locked up and destroyed my transmission. Anyone know why something like this would happen? I maintain my maintenance and I don't abuse my truck. I asked the dealership and they weren't to sure.
  2. I just hit a 100k miles and my transmission is acting up. It hesitates on acceleration, has a weird winding sound, and shifts different. Has anyone delt with this kinda problem before? Oh I just had the transmission serviced by the dealership about 15,000 miles ago.
  3. My truck came with part # 84046788 and I found a headlight with the part # 23506752 is that the same?
  4. Are all the headlights from 16-18 the same? Any differences?
  5. I was recently hit and only my drivers side headlight was damaged. Does anyone have a lead on a used headlight or a part numbe, and a video on replacing it. Thank you
  6. I just sprayed wd40 on mine and it stopped the leaf spring noise. It's been about 7 months.
  7. Anyone have a part number for a condenser on a 16 sierra? Also how are aftermarket condensers?
  8. Can someone give me the part number for the A/C condenser on a 2016 GMC Sierra. I've looked it up and have found several part numbers that match, and I don't know which one to buy.. 84573456 84496856 8449642 Also how are the quality of aftermarket condensers?
  9. Can anyone give me the part # for a 2016 gmc sierra passanger side front door check. Thanks!
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