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  1. Hello, I have a setup from a 2014 6.2 sierra with an Elite catch can, would like to sell as a package, looking for $250 plus shipping. can text me 651-334-3946 Ryan
  2. I have one and am located in St.Paul, MN. I would take $150 for it, took off around 50k miles and swapped to a AT grille. I am actually going to Cordova, IL this Sunday if you wanted to pick it up there. Can text me 651-334-3946.
  3. Are the painted ones, OEM paint matched or did someone paint them?
  4. I'm interested in the painted ones, let me check my color code quick in like an hour or so.
  5. Finally someone that gets it! Freaking people think you need a duramax to tow a lawn tractor around these days it seems like. However the lift isn't helping you for towing but it sounds like you know this. It would ride better in its stock form obviously.
  6. I will take it if you will ship it! You have my number.
  7. 1ich is factory , so 2inch rear block.
  8. Photobucket wouldn't work yesterday. 5100s in all four corners, and 1inch over stock rear block added
  9. Its 5 bolts to take the shock assembly out in the front, its not too bad. Time consuming part is swapping the springs over. We just used a Napa spring compressor.
  10. Dude you crack me up, the whole point of this forum is so people don't have to call the dealership to figure shit out.
  11. Seems to be a lot of confusion around this. What hose would this be? What is the part number? Is it the one posted in post #2 ?
  12. I have a 2014 sierra and I am going to replace the Compressor to condenser line since my A/C doesn't work currently. I know there are two different ones, one with a muffler and one without the muffler. Does it matter which one I use? I know that late 2015+ line does not have the muffler. I will be adding the 10 dollar bracket of course. Is one or the other less likely to fail?
  13. Part numbers? What hose is it? Anyone have a picture of the failed hose in the truck?
  14. I am interested in the tow mirrors that are in the pics, those are the 1A auto ones correct or the OEM ?
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