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  1. https://www.startribune.com/minn-nursing-homes-already-site-of-81-of-covid-19-deaths-still-taking-in-infected-patients/570601282/ That is what's going on in Minnesota, but on a smaller scale....and they are still doing this. Smells very badly of facilitating death to justify this lock down. Today the governor generously said that restaurants could open June 1st if they have an outdoor patio. So that means 90% of restaurants can't open and oh yea, we get alot of rain in the summer. Locking down the entire state because of the governors mishandling of nursing homes is not justified whatsoever. Restaurant owners have been preparing their businesses for 2 months implementing equipment to safely reopen on June 1st. Then this kick in the balls....****** is about to hit the fan here, stay tuned.
  2. The left's only unwavering policy has been hypocrisy for many years. I have a a good feeling there is going to be a mass exit from the left in November. Real people don't care to live under the rule of those kind of folks. Most of the worst decisions made during this crisis have been made by blue state governors....ie the nursing home debacle. Yet, those governors are all immune from any MSM criticism.
  3. Now that the virus stuff is settling down a bit and states are opening up the left is back in hot pursuit of impeachment. Right now the country clearly needs to spend more money on impeachment and to pass bills that pay illegal immigrants stimulus money, government funded abortions and money for weed stores. Their behavior is completely out of touch with the American people. Oh, and the left are also trying to alleviate all responsibility of China's mishandling of this virus. Is Pelosi the speaker of China? Also interesting to note that people who were previously praised by the left are now the dirt beneath their feet if they dare to disagree with them. Elon Musk simply states that he doesn't agree with the unconstitutional policies being enforced in a few words via twitter and supports freedom only to be trashed by the media and democrats. They have gone as far as to say he has mental problems. I'm not an Elon Musk fan at all, but the hypocrisy is starting to become comical at this point. Lesson is anyone who disagrees with them gets treated like the orange man.
  4. No, it doesn't require research. Canada and the US are not the same country no matter their proximity. They do not share a political system or elected officials. You are commenting on a political comment which I have nicely pointed out doesn't involve you.
  5. Minnesota, it was tough to get certain remodel inspections for a couple weeks, but most cities allowed facetime or the like for those. New construction has started to slow but was never forced to shut down. We do everything from new homes to smaller quick jobs like siding, roofing and windows. I expect the new home market to come to halt by fall. Many new subdivisions have been put on hold around here, lots of uncertainty.
  6. I can't see what point you're trying to make here, I can only conclude that you are completely detached from reality
  7. 1. Yes, countries with summer seasons and mild weather also are dealing with this virus. 2. With no one being honest or correct with anything that has gone on with the debacle I only believe what I see yes. 3. I lived through the past mortgage crisis ans a GC so I'm well aware of what caused it. The factors are not the same, not arguing that. But we didn't have 30 million people out of work completely for 3-6 months. And not all of those industries will be allowed to come back at full steam. Many people will lose their business permanently and a strong possibility that they will have no job to return to. A great part of the country was not affected by the previous crash, this time it directly hits everybody. No industries were completely shut down for anywhere near this length of time. In time we will bounce back, but not really at the same time...where do you think all these bailout dollars come from. You seem to be the one who should research how finance and the economy work bud.
  8. So during this whole thing we are being told to trust the science. Why don't we listen to the science when it clearly says that men can't be women and vice versa? Obviously there is no science that says anything to the contrary. We live in an age where we apply science when it fits our need or a narrative, but not when it doesn't fit a political or social agenda....Hmmmmm
  9. 3 years of Russia nonsense that actually implicates Hillary, the DNC, FBI, CIA and prior administration. 6 months of fake impeachment. 6 months of destroying the economy and blaming the President for deaths from a Chinese virus. Do you have any idea what those fairy tales have cost the American tax payers? That is what the MSM has sold the country this entire time. Seems real patriotic right? With all that resistance we still had the best economy this country had in 50 years until 3 months ago.
  10. Exactly, the isolation has proven not to be an effective measure whatsoever. Notice how no news outlets are saying a peep about Georgia? Remember a few weeks ago they were making a terrible decision and the numbers were gonna shoot through the roof, death everywhere. Sure would be calming if the news covered the positive results they are having....but they won't project positivity towards our country. They clearly want this to last forever to try and impact November. Even celebs and other typically quiet people are calling BS on all these extended lock downs in places. The left is destroying itself with their typical hypocrisy and I have to say its been fun to watch. And the whole Fox news is conspiracy network claim has lost all credibility. I get most of my news from internet non cable news sources, but If I do watch it on TV it is Fox. It's the only network that has reported anything factual in the last 4 years.
  11. weather has nothing to do with it, this has been overblown nonsense from the beginning. Certain folks are being exposed. Locking down LA until July is a purely political move aimed at the election and other states are doing the same. It seems like everyone is coming around to what I said a month and a half ago....They were lying about the death toll. Just now they are taking deaths away from the count lol. I and others were told mentioning that was purely Fox new conspiracy. And now here we are and that's exactly what happened. Over 82% of deaths in my state are in nursing homes, those should have been the best protected places since the initial outbreak in Washington. Do you think weather played a role on those deaths? I do residential construction, business never stopped and I can't tell you of a single solitary person who got this virus because they continued on working and living life as normally as possible. And its a good thing they kept working when they could because there will be another mortgage crisis to follow that is going to be devastating to this industry. I hope many of you have learned a valuable lesson about the intentions of the US mainstream media. They and some other corrupt party attempted to destroy the economy solely because they don't like the orange guy. But hey, do you know what would really help the country now? How about we send free money to illegal aliens, have a mass release of prisons, maybe give large amounts of money to Cannabis stores, more money to planned parenthood, or even mail in voting. That all is directly connected to the virus crisis right? What a bunch of frauds, biggest scam in American history.
  12. Don't worry about what other people are doing. I'd encourage you not to not follow guidelines either, from what I can tell you are over 5 years old, we trust you, even if the government doesn't.
  13. That's actually exactly what that means. Nothing was intended to be done to stop this virus completely. Young healthy people have a 99.6% survival rate in my particular state. You are making broad statements that have been dis proven for weeks. You are giving tips on managing a pandemic? Were you alive in 1918? You are completely entirely wrong with every sentence that you typed here. Sound like you haven't learned nearly enough, I'd go back to the hard way if I were you.
  14. the funny thing is everybody is starting to acknowledge that lock downs and social distancing has accomplished nothing, yet I come here and listen to complete suckers spout off about they can't go to the park and telling people how to live. The level of peoples fear is much scarier than anything about this virus.
  15. Yes actually there is, Cuomo and the MN governor alike had exec order that said nursing home patients testing positive must be put back in nursing homes, effectively bringing the virus into the facility and killing old people by the dozens. This has been a story all week, but to no surprise its not seen on CNN or MSNBC.
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