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  1. Man this sucks butt!! I have an AT4 on order in Kalifornia and want the lights!
  2. Hi, tired messaging you but it said you couldn't receive messages? I have been a member for a while but don't post much, maybe that is why. Anyway here is my message I was going to send you. Hi, was reading through your posts on mirror upgrades, you've done an impressive amount of research. I bought a pair of factory 2015 2500HD take-off's thinking they would just plug in and go on my 2017 1500 SLT. Wrong! The plug is the same, the turn signal works, I quit trying other options because I didn't want to fry anything. I really don't want to change my whole door harness. I spent 20 years doing automotive electrical for a living so I'm not worried about "plug and play". I would rather pay you for your knowledge than spend hours trying to figure everything out on my own though. I was able to search and find my mirror part numbers referenced, but they aren't a popular number. I also read on your post I may need to have my BCM flashed, hope that isn't the case. My wife doesn't drive the truck much and when she does she uses my keys, so I am not really worried about memory mirror settings. I guess lets start from here and see what else you need. Thanks, Scott Seller Notes: “Taken Off New 2015 Chevrolet Silverado by Dealer at time of Purchase. Like New Condition. Been stored in box since 2015.” Material: Plastic Manufacturer Part Number: 23241621 and 23241622
  3. You have a 6.2 with a supercharger? In a truck? That must be fun!! I want one!!
  4. I did mine. 2017 All Terrain with 6.2L. It was the square style after the muffler. Made a difference, a very little difference, but might be just enough for me. For the 2 minutes it took, it isn't worth trying to discribe, just do it and see what you think. Louder on downhill deceleration. Has a little rumble it never had before. Try it.
  5. This is what Fox said, so I think we are all in agreement. The shocks that will best meet his needs are our Performance Series 2” shocks. They have aluminum bodies and offer the best ride, and are serviceable as well. The front C/O’s will come preset to level the front of the vehicle. 985-02-018 (07-ON Chevy 1500 Front Coilover, PS, 2.0, IFP, 4.3", 0-2" Lift) MSRP $449.95 each 980-24-660 (99-ON Chevy 1500 Rear, PS, 2.0, IFP, 9.1", 0-1" Lift) MSRP $139.95 each
  6. Thanks for the info, very useful!! I have to admit I like the look of all the trucks running the 2.5 leveling kit, but seems crazy to spend $200 to lift a $60K truck. I am a little nervous about running the Fox at 2", basically maxing out the preload, hopefully they won't be too stiff. Seems like they could have made them a little longer so you didn't have to put so much preload. How about the 2.5's front and rear? Too much damping, just better off with the 2.5's?
  7. Thanks guys, so at 2" lift the front axles aren't too out of wack? Still rides good, no issue with the suspension topping out? I might have forgotten it in my original post, ride quality is very important to me, I like the way it rides now!!
  8. Sorry I know this has been discussed, and there is a 5000 page thread going on leveling kits, but I just have a few questions. I am thinking about leveling my truck, I don't off-road it, mainly for looks and snow clearance. 2017 Sierra All Terrain Would like to level it with a little bigger tires. How high "should" I go with just new Fox shocks? Do I need upper arms? How high can I go with stock arms without unduly stressing anything? How high can I go with aftermarket arms without unduly stressing anything? Which Fox shocks would you recommend if money wasn't an object? Will be getting them for trade. Anything else I should know if I just want to level it? I am not looking to do it cheap, but do I need to do much more if I am just leveling it? Thanks!!
  9. So does wiring open on the 17's help? This is the first I have read about it, might have to try.
  10. I do want to sell it. I have a 2017 Sierra SLT All Terrain, the headrest are black leather (probably vinyl) with red stitching. The DVD systems are brand new, I haven't even taken the plastic off them yet. I don't have kids and only use the truck on weekends. I will sell they system complete with headrest and shipping for $1300, or if you have the same headrest, I will take yours and $1100. Send me an IM if interested. Scott
  11. Cool!! I just sent you a PM with my email address. Thank you!!
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