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  1. I checked the bulb and dust cover, both seem to have good seals and be tight. I also changed the turn signal bulb, would this also cause the issue? I dont notice it with the DTL on, only after a good bit of driving with the headlights.
  2. I just replaced my headlight bulbs and turn signals in 2015 sierra with LED. I am getting some moisture or fog in one of the assemblies after driving the truck a bit. It doesnt happen in both, just one. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Ok, I believe I found the part #. 19211762. However, I see LUND makes some too and are a bit cheaper. Part # 318068, would they fit?
  4. I have found all of the assembly parts, with everything, but it doesnt give the bracket part #.
  5. I have a 2015 sierra double cab with OEM step bars that mount to the rocker and frame. I am looking for the bracket part #. I bent 2 of them down. I may try to bend them back, but would like to get a backup incase. Thanks.
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