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  1. Shark fin antenna

    It's expensive when I can buy the part for $70. Labor costs are corruption!
  2. 2015 Sierra All Terrain: A couple months ago, my nav started going haywire. Shows me driving through anything and everything, my screen on my dash in the lower left corner shows CAL. When I took my truck in for a different recall issue, I had them address this issue. They told me that it was my shark fin antenna, that there has been moisture that has gotten underneath it. I would need to replace the antenna and it would fix my calibration issue. But they want to charge $430 for parts and labor..no thanks. Has anyone else experienced this? Have you replaced it on your own? Is it difficult? What's the steps? Thanks in advance.
  3. Cold Air Intake 5.3 question

    Awesome! You've helped out a ton! Did you notice any added sound? I have Flowmaster Super 44s i just had installed, I like the sound but I don't know if I'm completely happy with it
  4. Cold Air Intake 5.3 question

    What's the difference between a JR kit and a full CAI? Do you get any added sound?

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