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  1. Thanks for enlightening me and providing those instructions. I had never heard of that before. It would never occur to me that system would require programming. Seems like the window needs to travel a certain distance or it could use limit switches at the top and bottom of travel, but I'm not an engineer. I followed the instructions, and it worked correctly a few times then it stop about an inch from being closed, then it went back to the original problem. I'll try again today.
  2. You should be able to fit 295/60R20 tires on a 4x4 leveled truck. BUT Read my recent post, below, first, although it doesn't address 33x12.5 specifically. I think with a 33x12.5 you're going to be rubbing your UCA, even if you aren't rubbing the fender or liner, unless you run a spacer.
  3. I have a 2019 Sierre CCSB SLT X31 6.2. Whenever I use the 1 click/auto down function to control the front passenger window and then try to close the window by using the 1 click/auto up function, the window begins to rise, then stops about 1/4 of way up, then lowers itself again. Anyone else having this issue or know what could cause it?
  4. Has anyone added a lift block without removing this shim?
  5. I am interested in doing this too. I've looked at the diagrams and it seems like it may not work unless there is a BCM signal that is only active when the unlock/lock buttons are pressed/activated and this signal could be jumped to the cargo lamp relay. I haven't found the electrical process or flowchart for the unlock/lock sequence as it relates to the exterior lighting in the up fitter manual yet.
  6. How much do you think your truck is squatted with those tires and wheels in the bed behind the rear axle?
  7. Is your truck a 6.2L? I think only the 6.2L have that little shim. My SLT x31 6.2L does, but the 5.3L trucks apparently do not, based a thread I recently started about the thickness of that shim. My best guess after trying to measure the shim is that it is about an 1/8 on the front/thick end and about a 1/16 on the rear/thin end.
  8. I think you're correct. Factory UCA = no spacer. Lift UCA = spacer. I think some people are just living with it being scary close to the UCA. I've talked to this guy, he's running a 2 inch front level on an SLT, stock 20's, and 35x12.5 Atturo Trail Blades. He swears there's no rub (fender liner or UCA) and no trimming.
  9. I appreciate your info on this. However, there seem to be dozens of folks here and on instagram claiming they're running 35x12.5 on the stock 20 inch wheels on a 2 inch leveled non AT4/TB truck. I was skeptical of them, until I kept finding them and personally reaching out to them to ask about spacing and rubbing the UCA.
  10. On my 2019 hard loaded SLT, I originally had the driver's door handle button set to where it would only unlock the driver's door. Numerous times, I would use the button to unlock the driver's door and open that door and maybe set something on the console, then need to open the still locked driver's side rear door with the driver's door still open. Press the rear handle button...and no unlock. I would have to either unlock on the key fob or manually press the unlock button on the driver's door. That is a tiny little thing, but it just shows another quirk of the system.
  11. My 2019 X31CCSB SLT 6.2 definitely has a shim. Looks to be about 1/4 inch on the fat end a 1/16 on the small end. Maybe the heavier 6.2 requires that tiny rear shim to maintain the correct height? If every other suspension component is the same as the 5.3, and I think it is, it would sit some measure lower.
  12. Does anyone know the thickness of the shim that comes on the 2019 X31 and Z71 trucks where the prior generation had a an actual lift block in the rear? You can see the shim these trucks use in this video @14:53:
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