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  1. I had a '16 Denali with 20" wheels. Now I have a '21 AT4 with 20" wheels. Difference is tires a little louder, maybe a bit bouncier. AT4 feels more sporty to me. However, Denali rode very smooth and I'd say the AT4 is still a nice ride. My AT4 w/6.2L has been great. I have 11k miles on it. Knock wood.
  2. I had a '16 with 6.2L and 8 speed. Damn 8 speed was so clunky I often ran 87 octane. Why the hell not. Shitty transmission didn't deserve any better. It's only $3k for the 6.2L. Sold it after 5 years to CarMax for nearly what I paid for it excluding sales tax. Don't see the reason to pamper a full-size truck when they consistently are at bottom of any reliability rating anyway.
  3. I just switched from '16 Denali to '21 AT4. I expected the AT4 to ride worse than it does with it's shots and tires. Our other car is an Audi Q7 with 45 sidewall tires. AT4 arguably has a smoother ride. I suspect paint is thin, but this has been happening to various brands for years. I've hand clayed and waxed and didn't find any issues, but it is gray so good color for hiding stuff. Our dealer stopped their car wash routine during Covid. Thank goodness! I always order them to "no carwash!", but they occasionally forget. I have all the electrical noises. Fuel pump when you approach, noises under the dash when you turn it off. I don't think God even knows what all is going on in there. I've decided to ignore it. Radio has a weird boot up routine. Sometimes it starts out blaring before settling in to user preferences. No issues with glass yet. I noticed full size trucks were the worst category for all vehicles in Consumer Reports latest. I always cringe when the auto makers say "we've been making cars for 100+ years", because certainly they leave a little to be desired!!!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I did check the manual and understand aligned with rear defrost. Maybe they are just not as responsive as I remember on my previous truck/vehicles. Cold weather season is coming! I'll get more tests soon.
  5. Window sticker on my truck says it should have heated mirrors. Now that weather is turning, I am questioning whether it actually does. I don't see the marking on the actual side mirror and don't see the results with defrost running. Wondering if this is a chip supply chain issue surprise. Haven't had a vehicle in at least 20 years without that feature. Can anyone who has this feature confirm whether there is a marking on the mirror itself? How else could I confirm since it is not clearing moisture quickly?
  6. I agree this might have something to do with it. My wife just created a profile for the second set of keys and since this issue is common. Its volume and station. The station changes after it goes through the boot up cycle.
  7. With my ‘16, 6.2L, the clunky 8 speed transmission took all the fun out of it so I would put in mid or regular gas from time to time just cuz. I couldn’t tell a performance difference. With my ‘21, I try to use premium. One convenient station now carries only regular. I think I filled up anyway since I was already there, but haven’t gone back. Hopefully your mileage improves with age. Not sure how two similar trucks off the line would be that different (maybe it’s idle/city/highway/driver mix).
  8. For once somebody posting mpg worse than me. I usually run premium, but have checked my mileage using pump and odometer. This is with only people and light bags as cargo. It’s obviously worse towing trailer. I’ll admit I drive pretty tamely, but not hyper-miling Surprised you are that much lower.
  9. I'm coming from a Denali. 6k miles on AT4. Tires certainly have more noise than Denali. Enough you know they are there, but not loud. 6.2L 10 speed. I get 18 mpg in mixed driving. Only slightly better at 78mph highway. Haven't really tested off road, wet and no snow yet. I was worried about this, but based on experience so far would replace with same.
  10. Mine has always worked fine when appropriate, but its also kicked in a couple times when nothing was in front of vehicle. I disregard those instances as a system limitation or failure. Big deal. Maybe I'm lucky nobody was tailgating me when that happened. I use it for highway pacing, but usually have foot near brake and disable cruise while passing a slower car in traffic (other left lane vehicles present). I view it as safety assistance, not automated driving. Not saying I drive better than a computer, but I managed to drive for 30 years before this technology existed without rear ending anybody on the highway.
  11. Agree. The cover on the Curt product is critical to its function. This setup does have easy to install, oem type connectors. I believe the tailgate fix option is more splicing into the purple wire.?.
  12. I have the MX4 on my '21 Sierra AT4 with Carbon Pro bed. When opened up, it does cover the rear window, but not the brake light or camera's mounted there. I flip the rear view mirror to camera mode and all good. My observation is the panel next to the cab that does not fold is a little wider than previous having the folded panels at more of an angle against the cab and possibly lower overall.
  13. I also went this route. Good product. Easy to install. When receiver cover is open (hitch tongue inserted), it allows main tailgate to come down, but not smaller section that will hit. Perfect solution.
  14. My guess is it is actually favorable to their P&L to incur the storage costs if it allows manufacturing to continue. If they are manufacturing, the costs to build the truck (labor, utilities, etc.) can be capitalized to inventory. More importantly it also allows them to capitalize the costs of related building and machinery/equipment depreciation as well. If the factory is idle, those costs may have to go directly to P&L. For sure it uses more cash in the short term that goes on the balance sheet as inventory, but that is favorable to short term expense. Either way, any profit margin is deferred until the product is actual sold. In normal years, the concern is whether the inventory can be sold at a profit. Seems this year that shouldn't be an issue, but time will tell.
  15. OK. Another way dealers manipulate situation in their favor, but if you want a truck now you don't have much choice. I have had my '21 AT4 6.2L for almost three months now and am very happy. Hope yours is great!
  16. You completed the sales transaction without actually taking possession of the vehicle? First I've heard of that. Is it your responsibility to insure it as well? Why not just put down a deposit?
  17. Installed BakFlip F1 on my 2016 Sierra and an MX4 on my 2021. Both leak drips in 4 corners during rain. I did ensure alignment of install, but never spent much time adjusting gaskets and trimming. I accept its part of the nature of the beast to have low profile, folding, etc.
  18. Anybody get there leaky sliding window replaced with a fixed window?
  19. I couldn't imagine reading a book on this topic, but do appreciate the cliff notes. In Michigan, 55mph is the minimum legal speed and a great way to get run over. Agree that might be the optimal speed for gas mileage, but not practical in any way. I've only had my '21 Sierra AT4 6.2L 10 speed for 2k miles. I was recently on a trip with a multiple car convoy. Leader was averaging 68 mph on interstate highway towing a trailer setting the slow pace. At that speed on relatively flat terrain, I averaged 25 mpg on best 25 mile segment and 24 mpg on best 50 mile segment. That was encouraging, but I usually set cruise at 8 over (78 mph) and seem to get about 21 mpg at that speed.
  20. Thanks for this. I missed the OnStar threads. Agree with your sentiment. I really only want remote lock/unlock and start. Not worth $180/yr. Be interested to know what it costs GM. Feels like succumbing to highway robbery to pay for it. It’s same as overcharging for shipping.
  21. Got a new ‘21 Sierra AT4. I “connected” the new vehicle to the app. It’s showing I have “connected access” for diagnostics, dealer maintenance, and smart driver. Says I need to pay for “remote access” $14.99/month. Is that right? Was free for at least 5 years on my ‘16.
  22. I'm averaging 16 mpg on mixed highway/city driving on a '21 Sierra AT4 with 6.2 10 speed after 1,300 miles. This is calculated at the pump. Truck computer reads slightly higher. With the 24 gallon tank, I'm not getting anywhere near 400 miles before the gas warning light comes on. That is my only complaint - needs a bigger tank. Anybody have a mod for that??
  23. Sorry to hear all the trouble everyone is having. I had a '16 that leaked from the XM radio antenna and then the high mount rear stop light. I just upgraded to a '21. Will be watching for the leak. For those getting work done, are they cleaning up the headliner and interior to clear watermarks and make sure no mold?
  24. Problems with 2016 8 speed are well known, not sure if same hardware. My 2016 did the stop light clunk and surge. Dealer said it was normal. I found it helped to tow around a 5k lb trailer, although not very practical. Then either things smoothed out or I couldn't feel it! Recently swapped up to a 2021 w/10 speed. So far, night and day better. Knock wood.
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