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  1. You should have a diesel supplement to your owners manual. The diesel has a 6yr 100k powertrain warranty if I remember correctly.
  2. Mine was on the truck I bought. Didn't think I wanted it but now that I have it, I have to say it is awesome. I've used it in every configuration and it's extremely useful for me. Being able to reach in and get things out of the bed makes it worth every penny. Sorry OP, don't have any expertise here, hopefully someone who knows will chime in for you. Once you get it sorted I think you'll be happy with it.
  3. Wait...What? Nobody advising you to call a lawyer? That sucks. Hopefully you won't have to wait long for the parts. Glad you hit the deer and didn't panic and swerve it into a ditch....or worse.
  4. Have your insurance take care of it and they will pursue GM, that's what you pay them for. It's a comprehensive claim since it's glass, not an accident.
  5. I've been getting my 0W20 DexosD for the 3.0L from local dealers but have yet to find the Mobil branded stuff off the shelf anywhere else. Of course you can still find it at Amazon and Ebay but wondering if anyone's seen it start to show up in stores like Walmart. I've heard that NAPA may have an equivalent but I haven't seen anything there either. Any luck outside of the dealer or ordering online? Also, I'm well aware of the whole Amsoil debate so I'd rather not go there. Thanks...
  6. Dealer looked at mine today, ordered a new light. We'll see how it holds up once they get it in.
  7. I have no idea how it compares to gas, I only have the one truck. Mine gets up to speed quickly (in my mind) and when passing the semis, you just have to plan your moves and know how to get the most out of the powertrain by paying attention and learning how it responds under various conditions. As for towing, I haven't had that opportunity yet but towing season is quickly approaching.
  8. I've noticed that there is a bit more of the diesel clatter under low throttle during regens. As soon as it's done, it quiets right down.
  9. This - I don't have any such issues passing semis on the highway. You can't simply push the pedal to the floor, it doesn't respond that way. Press, don't jam, the pedal and stay in the power band down low and mine launches right past them. Love every bit of it.
  10. I have an Undercover Armor Flex, no issues with the grab handle.
  11. Wow, did this devolve into typical political clap trap. Save it for the off topic - too tiresome and, as usual, lacks intelligent thought. Back to the question at hand - just for fun my AT4 came in at 15K over what I paid in December. It's only relevant if you don't have to replace.
  12. I like CarPro products. Really like the Hydro Foam, quick and easy way to get a good seal that lasts about 3 months.
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