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  1. Service manager says he has never heard of such a thing. I really doubt it can be done legally in NY state because it's messing with the emissions, like doing an EGR delete or a DPF delete on a diesel. Far as "to my standards" goes, I don't know what other standards to have it fixed to. GM said we're so sorry we'll fix it for $2600 and they weren't going to do any more than what the dealer did unless the head came back bad, and then they'd gladly sell me a new head to the tune of $6000. It's out of warranty, so I'm out of luck. I figure this is as good as or better than what any local independent mechanic would have done, for about the same money.
  2. This happened on startup. At least I'm pretty sure it did because it was running fine when I shut it off and 10 minutes later when I started it back up again, all hell broke loose.
  3. I have the truck back. Everything seems to be good. I took it for a good long drive straight out of the dealership, and it seems as good as ever, if not slightly better. They ended up only replacing the one pushrod from what I can tell on the bill, but replaced all four AFM lifters on the driver's side. Total bill for the repair was just shy of $2500 with tax. They cut me a huge break on the labor due to my having the truck maintained at that dealership, so I really can't complain.
  4. Both trucks have the same antenna. Driving the same roads at the same times of day listening to the same stations, the sound quality of the NON-HD radio is noticeably better, UNLESS the HD radio is picking up an HD signal. Then I would say they are about the same. Unfortunately out in the sticks, solid HD signals are far and few between.
  5. No. There was nothing wrong with the valve guides.
  6. More positive news from the dealer. Head came back from the machine shop, everything is in spec. Total machine shop bill: $75 Overall it looks like they're going to be able to get me back up and running for a lot less than originally quoted, which is good news. Mostly it's going to be the new AFS lifters, new pushrods, oil pan, gaskets, and labor.
  7. My 2015 Silverado 1500 LT is in the shop with a pushrod failure, so my Dad kindly loaned me his 2015 2500HD Z71 to drive. His truck has the HD radio. Mine doesn't. So as I started home I changed the FM station to one that I would normally receive clear as a bell in my 1500. On the HD radio, it sounded like garbage! Mono, static, weak. Once I got up on the hill, the HD kept kicking in and out. When HD was working, it was clear as a bell. When HD would kick out, it was back to poor quality audio. Even close to the city, the sound quality in non-HD is poor. My 1500 with its non-HD radio has no issues picking up a solid stereo signal. I disabled HD because it's annoying to have the audio changing every few seconds as it picks up and loses the HD signal. Also distracting as the display flashes each time it switches modes. It's like listening to an old AM radio. So is audio quality intentionally bad if you aren't receiving an HD signal?
  8. Yeah, the broken piece ended up down in the crankcase and thankfully missed everything. I just can't think of too many ways for the pushrod to get bent and broke with no other signs of damage. Only thing that makes sense is a simple pushrod failure.
  9. They're replacing the four AFS lifters on the left side. Still waiting on news from the machine shop on the condition of the head.
  10. Went up to the dealer to pick up the loaner yesterday, and the service manager took me out to the shop to show me the carnage. The only visible damage is the pushrod. No marks on the pistons or the lifters. About 1" was broken off the pushrod and it's bent roughly in the middle. The head is out to a local machine shop to be checked. If the head checks out, they should be able to fix it with new lifters, pushrods, gaskets, and an oil pan. Why an oil pan? They claim that the pans are thin sheet metal and are difficult to get resealed after taking them off, so they recommend a new pan. I figured that'll get me 5 more years down the road before the oil pan rusts out, so what the heck.
  11. 2nd update, they found the remnants of the pushrod. Cam looks good. They're pulling the pan to flush everything out, and sending the head off to be checked. They're replacing 4 lifters, but the sticker there is that there are none to be had, probably fallout from the GM strike last year. So it may be a few days.
  12. Just got an update from the service manager. Turns out the pushrod BROKE. They're looking for the missing piece to get a better idea of what happened. Still don't know whether it was an intake or exhaust. The service manager didn't have that information. No sign of a lifter seizing. No sign of valve contact on the piston. They're thinking the valve seized in its guide, but they haven't looked at the head yet. The main concern right now is the cam. As long as it's not damaged they figure they can fix it with just top end work.
  13. Hi, new member here. Just got word from the dealer that my 2015 Silverado 5.3L has a bent pushrod on the #1 cylinder. That's what they've found so far. They're going to dig further tomorrow and give me the bad news. It ran fine all day Saturday up until I got to the restaurant to pick up my dinner. When I came out and hit the starter, it didn't sound right starting up and I could definitely tell something was wrong. 107K miles on it. Oil changed every 6K at the dealer. Did all the recommended maintenance. Spent a ton of money treating this truck "right" and it's looking like the engine is pooched.
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