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  1. Yeah, this is a "gentleman's truck"....HAHAHA. I have a SnugTop canopy on it, and It will likely never see even 800 pounds in the bed. Now and then I rent a small U-haul 6 x 12 trailer for dragging stuff around. Tires are currently the Toyo Open Country P265/70/17's and serve me well. I'll stick with that spec. Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply, everyone. I trolled around the web and that seems to be a good recommended tire, and Discount Tire just a few miles from my house has them for about half the price of the Mazamas, $160 vs $289. No way I can pay Les Schwab almost $1,358 after tax, valves, balancing, etc., for a set of rubber.
  3. My truck is a 2006, 1500 SLT X-cab 4x4, Z71. I keep hearing good things about the Coopers. I had a set of Coopers on my FIAT 124 Spyder in a previous life, and liked them. Didn't put a lot of miles on them since the FIAT mostly sat waiting for parts.
  4. I've been running Toyo Open Country A/T's for a long time and happy with them, but now Les Schwab is phasing them out, replacing with Mazama Open Range, at $289/each. Wow. I'm willing to pay that if the tires are worth it, but also considering the Cooper Discoverer AT3 LT or similar, at about $190 locally from Tire Rack. Any experience with either one? Or a recommendation, and yes, I know this as almost as bad as asking for an oil recommendation. I don't use my truck for actual "off-roading", but a lot of logging roads for hiking access, and we go skiing in the Cascades here in Washington, so snow rating is important.
  5. Two weeks ago I had the same problem, drivers seat dead for motion and heat. Found the connector underneath loose and backed out about halfway and also slightly corroded pins/sockets. Scraped and blew out the crud and reseated the connector and all works good.....for now. Note that I use the heater every time I get into the truck, and recline/upright the seat every day when I eat my lunch/nap in the truck.
  6. Hah...funny you should say that. OnStar thought this Corvette was crashing...but it wasn't. https://www.motor1.com/news/298934/corvette-zr1-driven-hard-calls-onstar/
  7. I need to replace the windshield on my 2006 Sierra SLT. Looking for opinions/experiences with aftermarket vs OEM branded glass. Difference in cost is a little over $200 here locally, which isn't all that much, but I don't want problems, and I don't want to save mponey with aftermarket only to have it have a short life. Original cracked due to rock hit. Thanks in advance.
  8. Here in Washington State the laws are pretty stiff now, but nobody cares. Every day I see 75% or more of "drivers" (and I use that term loosely) talking, texting, streaming video, watching the news, movies, whatever. I hate having to blast my horn to wake up the driver in front of me because they are so deep into a text conversation they haven't noticed the light turned green 30 seconds ago. A favorite trick they use is to prop the smart phone up in front of the speedometer so they can watch the morning news while driving on the freeway with a Starbuck's latte in one hand and an egg Mcnuffin in the other. Nobody cares, they think they are immune to accidents and tickets, and their needs and desires are more important than the safety of others.
  9. A few years ago I worked at an environmental testing lab, doing temperature/vibration testing on stuff for the gov't. The vibe programs were very tightly controlled by computers, and in the rare cases when something went wrong and a resonanant frequency occurred, a second or two was all it took to destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) worth of really tough stuff that was designed for much greater stress environments than street trucks.
  10. The Landmaster from the movie "Damnation Alley": http://www.amphibiousvehicle.net/amphi/L/landmasterspecial/landmaster.html
  11. Yep, since 2004. The 2007 Taco I had was a POS except for the bed, which was about the only good part of the vehicle.
  12. I have 182,000 miles on my 2006 GMC Sierra, which I bought in 2007 with 25,000 on it, so the answer would be....no. I recently sold my old Toyota 4x4 truck ith 362,000 on it. I believe in driving the piss out of my vehicles, get my money's worth.
  13. That'll buff out... a little rubbing compound, some upholstery shampoo...like it never happened.
  14. Grab a 12-pack and some snack, hit YouTube and type in "boat launch fails". You'll be there all night.
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