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  1. Engine, trans, and transfer bolted in.. what else do i need to install before setting the cab back on the frame.
  2. Got the front and rear suspension bolted up. Its time to set the new engine and tranny on the frame and get brake and fuel lines squared away.
  3. Here is 2 more pics taken about a year ago when i pulled it in the shop. I had originally just planned on swapping the motor and transmission...
  4. I know folks like photos! Heres some pics of my truck before the lm7 went out and before i started down this road.
  5. Just picked up my uca's! They are custom fabricated so i can use a lifted knuckle that accommodates the 8lug hubs. Gonna get the running gear on so i can roll the frame this weekend. Fingers crossed.
  6. Alright yall.. i need some motivation. Ive got alot of cash and time invested in my truck build and all it really needs is some time and a couple of odds and ends. It a 2006 Silverado z71 and its one of those ones that has the shorter crew cab beds. I talked myself into coating the bottom of the cab today and juat thought i might could get a little more motivation to get the truck done quicker. Ive had the frame soda blasted and now is powdercoated. Ive got all new parts down to every bolt just about. I got new ss brake, fuel, and transmission lines. New 408 stroker with afr 230cc heads and a lsxrt intake. Kooks ss header and y pipe. Tci torque converter and flexplate. Completely new hd transmission with billet shaft and upgraded planetary and has the ratio upgrade. I also converted the truck to 8 lug before i even decided to do a frame off rebuild so it has a 14 bolt rear with 4:11s. Let me know what ya think!
  7. Are you replying to me? If so i didnt ask for anybody's opinion on my wheel and tire combo. I was asking if the previous owners custom tune and calibration for the 4.56 gears may have been restored to a factory tune by the chevrolet dealship i bought it from. The truck drives great. The only thing is when i accelerate [WOT] to go out and pass someone my truck will cut off because of the rpms get up so high so quick. Im wondering if its doing this because its not properly tuned for the gear ratio or asking if this is normal.
  8. I got a quick question. I recently bought a 2016 Silverado 1500 z71. Its got all the bells and whistles but after doing some digging i found out the previous owner had 4.56 gears installed. I bought this truck from a Chevrolet dealership and i think they didnt know about the gear swap. Im speculating but do you think the dealership would have wiped out the aftermarket tune for the gear swap and reset it back to default? The truck will get up and go but there are times that if i really hammer on it especially when i go to make a pass the rpms get so high so quick the engine will cut off. Its happened more than id like to admit. The truck has 35's on 22's and drives like a dream otherwise but sometimes i wanna let it sing! Do you think i need to take it to a tune shop? Is this normal with 4.56's? First photo is without tows second photo with tows.
  9. Your caps look man! I thought about doing them myself but man i so add id screw something up. Im jealous!
  10. I got a set of paintable caps from boostautoparts and a set of smoked switchbacks to go with. Would have picked them caps up today but the painter at the shop forgot to paint them at the same time as my fender flares. So much for my weekend project... https://boostautoparts.com/products/replacement-caps-various-colors https://boostautoparts.com/collections/2015-style-gm-tow-mirror-replacement-marker-lights/products/switchback
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