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  1. Fuel Rebel 20x10 -18 Offset No spacers Nitto Ridge Grappler 295/55/20 Factory Trailboss Suspension Slight Rub on mudflap on full lock.
  2. Finally had some time off to get a few things done. Tints : 15% Front Windows and Front Windshield Strip (Ceramic) 50% Rear and Back Windows (Ceramic) Rears are slightly darker, but they are very close to even in person. Wheels / Tires / Lug Nuts : Fuel Rebel - 20x10 -18 Offset Nitto Ridge Grappler - 295/55/20 McGard Spline Drive Lug Nuts Fronts have slight rub on the inside of the mud flaps. Very slight. At full lock and turning out of the driveway. Going to try removing the Mud Flap Bracket sometime this week and go from there. Tires are a good bit quieter them the factory Wrangler Duratrac’s. Stock TB Suspension. Rear looks a little low because the factory wheels/tires are in there. I don’t have a level kit. Next up... full De-Badge
  3. Sooo.... What ive noticed is that when I roll up the cover, and relock it, the tailgate tends to stick the first few times i use the auto down feature. Eventually it works itsef out and goes down without any assistance from me. I havent had any problems putting the tailgate up with the cover already shut however.
  4. Welcome. Just picked up a LT Trailboss this week as well. Very happy with it so far! Enjoy!
  5. Have a set of Fuel Rebel 20x10 -18 on the way with 295/55 Ridge Grapplers. Should fit without rubbing with that tire size, but I have a 1” level kit standing by Incase it’s tight, and can always try to remove the mudflap brackets also.
  6. Brought my LT TB home on Friday. So Far, got to install some small parts. Short Antenna, Under Seat Storage Bin, Bed Caps, and a Rev Hard Rolling Cover (From the dealer). Will be dropping the car off for tints on my next day off, and have wheels and tires on the way!
  7. Finally got to snap a picture of the new truck. 19 LT Trailboss in Satin Steel. Had the dealer install some assist steps and a Rev Hard Rolling Cover. I Am Super Happy with this truck so far! Going Camping Next week, will try to get some better shots.
  8. Placed my order on 4/16. Order was accepted on 4/26. Got the call from the dealership last Saturday 6/29 that my 19 LT Trailboss Arrived. Was undecided on taking the 2019 or waiting for a 2020, but they offered me a great lease deal on the 2019 so I pulled the trigger. Had the dealer install Assist Steps and a Hard Rolling Tonneau Cover, so I should be picking it up in the afternoon tomorrow.
  9. I went by my dealer today. They still are not able to select some options for the 2020 Silverado’s. For example, when opening the build sheet for a custom order, I was unable to select the 6.2L / 10 Speed option on a 2020 LT Trailboss. It was listed as an option, but it is blacked out / not selectable. From what they said looking at the allocations, 2019 production stops the first week of August and 2020 production picks up the second week or August.
  10. ^^^ I don’t want to say money isn’t an issue, as it always is, but if I’m waiting on the 2020 the 6.2 will be the way to go for sure. Luckily the truck is not what I drive to work so the amount of miles I put on it, and type of gas isn’t too much of a concern.
  11. Thanks Guys. The trans is my major concern. 5.3 is a tried and true motor. But for Chevy to pull the 8speed out of most 2019 trim levels for 2020 worried me. 6.2 is a perk but not totally necessary. The 10speed seems to be the direction GM is going in for most of its cars/trucks
  12. So hoping you guys can point me in the right direction. Some background. Live in Long Island, NY. Work in NYC. Have a commuter car (2015 Subaru) but want the truck for my days off for lugging my hockey gear, fishing, shooting, camping, trips to the local drive on beaches. Not doing any rock climbing. High speed Baja type driving, not Towing, or lugging heavy weights in the bed. Long Island is also known for a good bit of traffic, so I rarely go anywhere fast. That said, I placed an order for a 2019 LT Trailboss in April through my local dealer. Truck is in transit now. After the order was placed, Chevy nicely released info that the 2020 LT TB will have the option of a 6.2 and a 10 Speed. Dealership said they have no problem keeping the 2019 and posting it for sale and carrying my deposit over to a 2020 if that’s the route I want to go. So, what do you guys suggest? Is the 6.2 and 10 speed that much better considering my needs for the truck? And considering I’d be adding $2500 to the cost of the truck, and probably not seeing any incentives on the 2020 like I am on the 2019? Should I hold out and order a 2020 or will the truck that I can have in a week or two suite my needs and save me some money in the process. Thanks! Greg
  13. Congrats bro! How do you like it? Can you post a side shot of your truck with the goRhino sidesteps. Been looking at grabbing a set of these also. Thanks!
  14. Never officially picked up a 19. 19 the dealer ordered still has not been built. I was between an LTZ in 6.2 and the Trailboss when I ordered the 19 TB. And now that I can have the best of both in a 2020 model for an extra $2500 it seems like a no brainer. Nothing against the 5.3. But I’ve also read about a lot of quirks with the 8 Speed, and after driving both the 6.2 with a 10 Speed just seems like a much better combo. And since I have a car to commute to work, having to run 93 in the truck and what not is not much of a concern.
  15. My dealer said the same thing. It lists the 6.2 as an option but doesn’t allow it to be selected yet for ordering.
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