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  1. Sorry to reach all the way back to the OP. Am I reading this right? You added 360 cameras? Did you essentially add surround view?
  2. My sticker says I have that but I’m guessing it’s just the bigger screen.
  3. I have a 2019 LT with 8” screen. The camera is terrible but it’s also just garbage compared to even my 2014 Challenger. Maybe it’s a GM thing.
  4. Anyone else think the screen resolution in these is bad? This is the first GM I’ve owned in decades. The screen is horrible (including the camera) compared to every Jeep product I’ve owned.
  5. Depends on the bed cover. Most people seem to be using the Retrax or Pace Edwards roller covers with the built in rails and then add the Yakima Overhaul HD. The Overhaul let’s you adjust the height to fit your needs.
  6. That link wouldn’t open for some reason. when you say BCM, do you mean the controller in the door for the windows and mirrors?
  7. I picked up a 2019 LT over the summer. I’m thinking of getting a small toy hauler soon and need better mirrors. has anyone successfully put the extended view towing mirrors like you can get on the 2020s on a 2019 yet? im thinking you’d need a new control module as well. Anyone have any ideas?
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