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  1. Not normal. However, depends on a lot. How long have you had the tires?
  2. Thanks man! Some people like the chrome, some people don't. I'm a fan of the color match. Matched very well. Was a pain to remove the bumpers, but in all not as difficult as I expected.
  3. Well it only took a year! Love the look. Went with the Dirty White Prismatic Powder. $200 per bumper. Also did the Rigid Industries bumper lights in the steps in the rear bumper. Love it all!
  4. Nominion was a pleasure to deal with! Super fast shipping and great product! Thanks a lot man!
  5. These will fit the 2018 GMC Sierra front and back bumpers? If so I will take them. I didn't see anything for the front bumpers on a 2018 on their website. Thanks Edit: Looks like the back are for 2014-2018 and the front are for 2014-2015.
  6. So the shop near me also does the Prismatic Powder. They have Dirty White. in your pictures it looks really close. Would you go with that color again or pick another? How did you know to go with that specific white? There's a lot to choose from lol
  7. No joke. Looks like I'll be figuring out how to remove said bumper and finding a powder coating place. Thanks man!
  8. Tyler, That looks good man. What did it cost you to get it powder coated? Also did you have to remove the bumper? Thanks for sharing man!
  9. Just spoke with the owner of Ecological about their 2016-2018 Front Bumpershellz. Basically, they stated it has been in work and they can't give me a time frame of when they will be available for purchase. The 14-15 front bumpershellz took about 2 and a half years for production so I wouldn't hold your breath if you are looking at doing something in the near future. If I hear anything else I will let everyone know!
  10. Hey man, unfortunately I haven't. I have been searching for weeks and it seems like the only option so far for our year models is to find a vinyl that is "close" to the color of your truck and get it wrapped. Cheapest anyway. Could always fork over a grand and get it painted but I am not that interested in wasting money like that lol.
  11. Donstar, haven't seen this bumper you speak of. Do you know where you would order/look at these parts? I did a Google search and all I could find was the SCA website and they just relay you over to a dealership for inventory for a vehicle. Didn't know if you knew somewhere to order parts specifically. Thanks man!
  12. Funny that you posted this. I found these this morning and have been researching them. It seems they make a lot for the Fords but I can't seem to find anything on our year GMC's besides for the rear bumper. The search continues! Edit: Found the website... Here is the link if anyone else is looking to purchase these.... https://www.ecoological.com/gmc-bumper-covers.html ... Thanks again man!
  13. Honestly, I had never seen one period. Then I purchased it and 2 show up at my work. My luck lol
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