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  1. Actually I still do. Let me know if you want it
  2. I do still have this. I emailed Tony but have yet to hear back. Olympic, I'm out of town until late tomorrow. If Tony doesnt want it, its yours
  3. I still have this somewhere. Let me look for it
  4. My 4" leveling kit had huge rubbing issues with 33" tires. I'm looking at getting a new sierra but would like to do a ~6" lift. Which one seems best?
  5. Having a few and wrapping a few cars, a vinyl "cover-up" will still show the scratch unfortunately. Vinyl works as a great extra layer of protection, but any body imperfection in the body, will show through the vinyl. With that being said, if it bothers you that bad, I would just save up/bite the bullet, and repaint that side
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