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  1. My 4" leveling kit had huge rubbing issues with 33" tires. I'm looking at getting a new sierra but would like to do a ~6" lift. Which one seems best?
  2. Having a few and wrapping a few cars, a vinyl "cover-up" will still show the scratch unfortunately. Vinyl works as a great extra layer of protection, but any body imperfection in the body, will show through the vinyl. With that being said, if it bothers you that bad, I would just save up/bite the bullet, and repaint that side
  3. The tundras are great, just hated the mpg. My sierra did well. Either way both great looking trucks. All personal preferences
  4. Curious to see this lineup of colors as well. Some classic GM colors would be nice
  5. I would be open to it for sure. Like some others said, with a truck, need to make sure battery life is in the 500+ mile range
  6. Cleaning out garage and found a box of Bumpershellz I bought for my Sierra years ago. Brand new, never used or installed. They are gloss summit white in color and have the holes for the parking sensors. This set is for front and rear bumpers combined. They sell new on their website for $460.90 plus shipping. Details can be found here: https://www.ecoological.com/gmc-bumper-covers.html I'm asking $350 OBO shipped to your door. Thanks!
  7. Oh wow! I actually bought this roll a few years ago and ended up never using it before I sold the truck. If anyone would like it, I will sell it. PM your offers!
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