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  1. It does in fact take custom tune because I had a custom tune on my truck but this is sold. so its mute point
  2. For sale: Diablo iTune3 pro. This is the one you want that allows custom tunes. New costs 433.0. This is unmarried and has everything that comes with it new. Asking 315 shipped anywhere in USA. Picture of screen shows 1/0 meaning it’s unmarried. If it was married it would say 1/1.
  3. Still have them I can do 125 and a shipping label for the rear. PM me
  4. Where did you get the kings? I’m looking to get them for my truck too
  5. how about 300 for front and rear? any takers? want these out of my garage
  6. Message me what you offer for the rear. I will separate if the prices is right
  7. I have a brand new set of front and rear Ecoological bumpershellz in Gloss white close to Summit white match. They are for 1500 sierra 14-15 and have parking sensor holes. THey are 505.00 for the pair from their website. Mine are brand new with instructions and still have the protective film over the paint. I am planning to trade my truck in and won't be installing these. My loss is your gain, 395.00 bucks for both! Website of product here. Front is 305.00 and rear is 201.00 https://www.ecoological.com/gmc-bumper-covers.html
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