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  1. Sorry for some reason would not let me post all of those in one post. I am a huge fan of the wider tire look and these do not bother me only being 11.7 wide
  2. I zip tied the wheel liner back but they still make contact on the sway bar at FULL lock. My 295/55R20 Coooper STT Pros rubbed the on the upper control arm pretty good so nothing different
  3. Not the best photo. Got new tires on this weekend. Went from 295/55R20 cooper stt pro to 295/60R20 Toyo MTs
  4. Thanks. It is just the ranch hand. Was wanting one that could hold a winch but they were just all to big for a leveled truck.
  5. 2 inch Zone with factory wheels and 295/55R20 Cooper STT Pros
  6. One year anniversary with it so decided to finally make a profile. Enjoyed looking at all these photos when making my decision on what to do with mine. zone 2 inch leveling kit - nothing in the rear - 295/55R20 Cooper STT Pros with now 25,000 miles on them
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