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  1. Think I got this one to post right side up but this is from the driver door angle with the spacer on
  2. They are just the Rough Country 1/4" spacers. Not hub centric to the wheel but it leaves the hub exposed still (Hopefully that's enough of the hub for the wheel to grab). They are snug around the lugs compared to the more universal fit ones which for some reason makes me feel a little better. But I had a jeep with the tires wayyyy out and did not want to do it with this thing so I am on your side as far as that goes. It's about perfect to me. looks even with the back now
  3. I am sure this has been covered somewhere but figured wouldn’t hurt to just post some photos up because I couldn’t really find any. Background: 2017 GMC Sierra 1500 with the awful ranchos Has the zone 2 inch lower strut spacer then a .5 inch RC top spacer, the rear is factory. I have ran many different size tires (I work at a tire wholesaler so just have access to try them all) 275/55R20 Goodyear (factory) LT295/55R20 Cooper stt pro (Only had 2 inch level) LT295/60R20 Toyo MT (Added the extra .5) P305/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler u(rode amazing FYI) LT295/60R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler (Current set) All the above mentioned have scrubbed in some form or another and while being mounted to my factory 20 inch snowflakes. Sway bar and/or Stamped steel UCA. Current set rubbed both as far as I could tell. Anyways I decided to try out some 1/4 inch wheel spacers to see if that helped my problem and installed them tonight. Will check the rubbing out tomorrow. About talked myself out of them after reading stuff but there were more saying they were okay. From what I could tell I got 8 hand turns out of the lugs once the spacer was on then probably another 1.5 or 2 it seemed like when tightening them down. Snapped a could photos. If anyone needs anymore in daylight I can do that
  4. Sorry for some reason would not let me post all of those in one post. I am a huge fan of the wider tire look and these do not bother me only being 11.7 wide
  5. I zip tied the wheel liner back but they still make contact on the sway bar at FULL lock. My 295/55R20 Coooper STT Pros rubbed the on the upper control arm pretty good so nothing different
  6. Not the best photo. Got new tires on this weekend. Went from 295/55R20 cooper stt pro to 295/60R20 Toyo MTs
  7. Thanks. It is just the ranch hand. Was wanting one that could hold a winch but they were just all to big for a leveled truck.
  8. 2 inch Zone with factory wheels and 295/55R20 Cooper STT Pros
  9. One year anniversary with it so decided to finally make a profile. Enjoyed looking at all these photos when making my decision on what to do with mine. zone 2 inch leveling kit - nothing in the rear - 295/55R20 Cooper STT Pros with now 25,000 miles on them
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