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  1. anything owner failed to do to prevent this issue?
  2. more than likely fuel pressure sensor which is in top of tank, therefore will need to at least drop tank for replacement, it is a emission item,therefore should still have warranty, check with your local dealer.
  3. installed my light sill plates Thursday knkguillot also,a good addition for under $50m bucks
  4. tail gate cap cost not to pricey,,,now those bed rail caps,thats a different story
  5. scroll up and watch harness dr, video its even better than pdf file
  6. located the 22933519 in cocoa,on ebay for $49.67 free shipping,,, what a bargain,,, 2 sets remain if anyone needing for gmc in cocoa color
  7. finished install,all working as should but did notice that extended in door open position some slight ,but noticeable forward and rearward movement of steps,,,,normal are adjustment needed????
  8. received my harness for articulating steps harness today,and wow. Phil Gamboa a.k.a. Harness Dr. really does a great job building these, though inclement weather has me waiting until tomorrow to install, I know it will work as good as the harness looks,A big shout out to this man and his work. Thanks Phil
  9. remove driveshaft and apply a light coat of wheel bearing grease to plines, on front yoke and reinstall shaft
  10. you want to see leaks,buy a undercover,,,,,and yes they will also send you a bulkhead gasket,,,,still will leak like a sift
  11. stopped yesterday to fuel up,,,,went to start truck and no crank over of engine,,,,,DIC showed theft deterrent,with option to check it off I assume. after trying twice and checked off,vehicle started with light on the dash on,,,,,,drove home before killing it and vehicle restarted and light is off now. Question is this a one time thing{glitch] are problem? did a search and seems folks had a problem with this in the past, but didn't see any real fix to the problem. battery only 3 months old all connections clean and tight. any advice here? 2014 gmc sierra slt cc z71 4x4, just turned 36k miles
  12. go to oil percentage on DIC, right arrow over,reset should highlight, then touch your check button on steering wheel
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