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  1. go to oil percentage on DIC, right arrow over,reset should highlight, then touch your check button on steering wheel
  2. well darn ahead of myself, dr. phil will not be back until Tuesday rather than Monday, anyway, can some here be able to verify number for I/p switch, 7 button number 23180146 will be correct for 2014 gmc sierra, vehicle now has 6 button for all else on vehicle. maybe get head start on ordering, since takes a while to get parts from gm. [returning electrical parts to them is not an option] my 6 now are pedals ,t/c, cargo, parking sensors, lane alert, hill assist,wanting to add running board able,disable,really don't want to go the work around route,,,,,,close to factory as possible. thanks
  3. raf7777777 saw the video, am still not sure which numbers and quantity of each to order, without ordering to many are not enough, somewhat blurry on my computer
  4. i could use the 7 button one but I am also not local, Mississippi guy here
  5. rah7777777 do you have schematic and parts list your could forward to [email protected]
  6. I have factory stationary steps now do you think these bolts and nutclips will install new to me steps, are do I need something different?
  7. about to pull trigger to purchase articulating steps from a 2018 gmc sierra denali to install on 2014 gmc sierra slt crew cab. anyone used harness dr. harness for this upgrade with good success? any other purchase needed to install without problems? all feedback welcomed.
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