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  1. wheel opening moulding are standard on 14-18 gmc,,although your pics looks as though the truck has some type of front as well as rear mud flat extensions, not really able to tell if they are added to factory mouldings
  2. the only all weather mats i would have in my 2014 gmc.
  3. goggle tail gate assist on amazon,everything you need comes in a kit,,,,for cheap and works great
  4. appears you may have 2 problems have you looked in upper corner on drivers side looking in thru grill? that location is usually #1 place for freon leak. that location is upper corner of a/c condenser
  5. for whatever reason they bypassed the trans cooler which is in ac condenser,i wouldn't have it bypassed, take it back.
  6. anything owner failed to do to prevent this issue?
  7. more than likely fuel pressure sensor which is in top of tank, therefore will need to at least drop tank for replacement, it is a emission item,therefore should still have warranty, check with your local dealer.
  8. installed my light sill plates Thursday knkguillot also,a good addition for under $50m bucks
  9. tail gate cap cost not to pricey,,,now those bed rail caps,thats a different story
  10. scroll up and watch harness dr, video its even better than pdf file
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