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  1. Since the replacement came from a place that will accept returns for a full refund I am out $0. With that much investment it was worth a shot; I have seen way too many failed touchscreens to not think this was a pretty good stab at the issue. Now it is time to put together some coin for a nice shiny new Kenwood, Alpine, or Pioneer. Was never intending to replace the OE audio system but it looks like it needs to happen.
  2. I will put in an aftermarket unit before that happens.
  3. Been having crazy touchscreen issues in my 2017 1500 LT with just 43k miles. It has the 8inch mylink setup in it and below are some videos showing the symptoms. I have not been able to find any commonality in the symptoms or what might be causing them. The issues happen randomly, sometimes while sitting still or parked, sometimes while driving on a rough surface, or sometimes on a smooth surface. And if I have started the truck via remote start I can also hear chirps that would typically signify touch input on the radio even without the key in the ignition. If anyone has had these problems and knows of a solution I, and would assume others, would love to hear it. So far i have done the following without any positive impact: Checked the ground points at the bottom of the A pillars. Reseated all radio cable connections. Disconnected the battery for about an hour Replaced the touchscreen with a junkyard unit. I am unwilling to pay the dealer for troubleshooting and they are unwilling to look at the issue as a "favor" or warranty type thing. Guess I am going to have to start saving up for an aftermarket head unit. Video 1 shows the home screen rearranging items on its own. Video 2 shows the radio randomly opening up the browse feature. Video 3 shows the DIC randomly changing from the digital speedo to the radio interface option.
  4. Replaced the touchscreen in my truck with a junkyard unit to see if it would fix my radio problems. No such luck. Probably means I need a new radio module or I have cabling issues associated with the radio. Guess it is time to start saving up for an aftermarket upgrade.....
  5. It was more than worth a shot to reseat the cabling but it did not help. I'm picking up a screen from a junkyard on monday. Fingers crossed this fixes all of the problems.
  6. Looking for a replacement 8 inch touchscreen for my 2017 Silverado. GM PN 23358961. I just need the screen. Anybody out there have one in 100% working condition they want to get rid of?
  7. Don't get me wrong. I really want to just rip out all of the factory audio equipment and put in some really good stuff but this truck was supposed to be just a run of the mill truck that would hopefully last me 10 years with minimum repairs. At the moment I kinda wish I would have bought a F-150. Truck just turned 3 at the end of July and has just crossed over 43k miles. So far I have had the brake issue(recall), replace the center console lid due to sharp edges(warranty), plastic skid plate fell off after the bolts loosened and fell out(warranty), bad starter around 28k miles(warranty), Failed AC condenser at 40k miles ($1300 repair, my truck has the expensive refrigerant), battery failed at 40k miles (not a big deal but still it only had 40k miles), now a faulty touchscreen, maybe a faulty clock spring, and I am sure that I have forgotten a couple of things.
  8. @doubeleive Thanks for the extra details. Pricing on that Maestro stuff is about $150-200. Any radio that I will be interested in is going to be $350+. Add in some labor and we are looking at about $850+ because the sub dash has to get cut up in order to fit a new head unit, and this also means it can never go back to stock. I used to be a player in the local car audio scene a number of years ago. I know what will happen if I replace the head unit; next is components; then subs and amps. Then I am going to find some new thing that is louder and by the end of the day I will have spent 5k in audio equipment for my family's overgrown grocery getter. On a positive I did call up a local audio shop and after having a chat with the owner I learned that I should be able to just swap the factory screen with another one and not have to get the dealer to do anything. Sounds like the radio module tucked behind the glove box is the only piece of this puzzle that could be vin locked. Now to see what I can find on the cheap.
  9. @Eddie 70 Thanks. I should have reseated everything at the radio module the other day but I didn't pull that section of dash apart. Will be giving this a shot in the morning. Fingers crossed.
  10. @doubeleive Thanks but I want to keep the factory system. 2 small kids means that spending close to $1000 isn't in the budget for my truck's radio.
  11. I need some help and it seems like this thread is very responsive with some pretty bright folks looking at it. I am having radio issues. Pretty sure I need a new touchscreen and maybe clock spring. This started a few weeks ago and so far I have not been able to resolve it without replacing parts. Truck has about 43k miles on it and just passed the 3 year in service mark on 7-31-20. None of the local dealers are willing to work with me on a fix under warranty. I am not willing to replace my factory radio with an aftermarket unit. I want to maintain all of the factory options or I would have already ripped this thing out and put in something different. Any input here would be appreciated. I really don't want to spend a ton of money on different parts that don't resolve the issue. Symptoms: 1) Random tones like someone is pressing buttons. Tones can be heard almost anytime the truck is running. This includes no keys in ignition after remote start. 2) DIC randomly switches to the Radio options. Sometimes the DIC is already on the radio options when I first crank the truck even though I left it on the digital speedo when I shut it off. I like the digital speedo so this is what I always leave the DIC set to. 3) On the radio screen it randomly switches to the browse menu. 4) If the radio is on the home page it will just start rearranging menu items. 5) Touchscreen will occasionally not respond. Troubleshooting performed with no positive effect: 1) disconnect battery for 1 hour 2) calibrate touchscreen thru settings menu 3) remove touchscreen from truck for about 45 minutes. (mostly did this to get the part number) Videos of symptoms: Video 1 shows the menu items getting moved around on their own. Video 2 shows the browse menu randomly popping up Video 3 shows the DIC randomly changing without my input.
  12. I am JEALOUS!. HUD, Denali cluster, and heated steering wheel......
  13. Been there done that. Did not help at all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Need some help here. Over the last couple of weeks my DIC and radio have a mind of their own. 2017 Silverado LT, 8in MyLink. I always leave the DIC on the digital speedo. Lately when I get in the truck it is defaulting to the radio option. I change it back to the speedo and then randomly while driving or just sitting it jumps right back to the radio interface. On the radio screen itself the channel browse menu will just pull up without any input from myself. And now this morning the radio is going to the home screen and attempting to rearrange apps all by itself. Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to fix this? Replace the clock spring in the steering wheel? Replace the radio touchscreen? Have Chevy re-flash the radio module? Any help would be appreciated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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