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  1. Since I didn’t purchase the model specific to this year model (re-used the one from my 09 Sierra) I did have to add foam tape to the front edge of the cover. Mine had a considerable gap at the front edge of the bed.
  2. No vibrations, no noises, just the ass sits a little lower. Been running it like this for about 10k+ miles. In fact, the senior service advisor at the local dealer was the one who told me to pull the blocks rather than putting on a set of shackles. I ended up re-using the factory U-bolts rather than replacing them with shorter. The only issue I ran into was getting the U-bolts tightened back up. If you re-use the factory U-bolts you will need either a super deep socket or a ratcheting box wrench to get the axel reattached.
  3. I am running 275/55/20 tires. Which is the stock size for 20s. The ONLY mod that I have done to my suspension is pulling the rear lift blocks. 2 Photos attached. The one with green grass has the lift blocks still in place. The one with the brown grass the lift blocks have been removed. You would be surprised how much pulling those blocks will level the truck out. It is not level but it is a whole lot better than it was.
  4. Well here is another one for you then. This guy was staying in the same condo complex as us back in May. He was running the OEM 22s with, I think, 35/12.5/22 tires. Seeing his truck was what pushed me over the edge to get a set of these. And I managed to find a new set on Craigslist with new tires for $900. Tire size is 275/55/20. And I am currently running them on some cheap ass Ironman Gen 2 tires. Side note on the tires. These Ironmans are actually pretty good for the price. Tread depth is not the best but for the price they are pretty good.
  5. Well I have been creeping on here long enough..... 2017 CC SB Silverado LT 2WD. Bought the truck back in July of 17. Mods: 20inch black and chrome replica wheels Diode upgrade to BCM so that fogs come on anytime the parking lamps are on (can't remember the pins right off) $200 6 inch running boards from Amazon Removed rear lift blocks Removed front lower valance Replaced cargo and reverse bulbs with LED Plasti-dipped all chrome badges to black Lund Genesis Elite 95892 tonneau transferred from 09 Sierra. (Had to add some weather stripping to the front edge to get it sealed on the 17) Carbon fiber vinyl applied to exterior bow ties
  6. I have had the same Lund Genesis Elite tri-fold for about 5 years. Bought it for my 09 Sierra and then moved it to my 17 Silverado and have had 0 issues with mine; absolutely love it..
  7. Does your truck have the active grill shutters? I have been wanting to hide a bar in my grill but just haven't found the right one to use with AGS.
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