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  1. Anyone willing to trade Im looking for this grill, will also buy if you are selling it. My grill has no broken tabs or clips, just some minor rock chips from the road
  2. Do you have any pictures of the silverado headlights?
  3. Recently completed this upgrade to my 2016 Silverado LT as well very happy with the outcome. Thanks to WAMS and P. Gamboa for the help.
  4. Want to thank P. Gamboa for the DL8 to DL3 PnP harness. Harness was easy to install thanks to his tutorial video great quality work as well harness looked OEM. Everything is working as it should. Also completed the Denali cluster upgrade with Phil's video and WAMS service. Very happy with the outcome of both upgrades.
  5. Looking for a 2016 Suburban/Tahoe cluster, blue lights if anyone is selling one. I have ordered from gmpartsdirect.com and another similar site and they refunded me because they no longer supply clusters. Longshot but heres hoping.
  6. Im looking for a 2016 tahoe cluster with the blue/green lights, I ordered one from gmpartsdirect.com but they refunded my money saying they cannot provide clusters at the moment. Anyone have any idea where I can order it from? Looking for part #84254166
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