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  1. yes installed long ago and i love it
  2. 3.73 re-gear

    I have the exact Same issue, go with the 4.10, there is also a 4.54 (or 4.56 i forgot what my mechanic told me) available for the 5.3 6spd which is what im going to do in the spring time, but gears wont change what the computer is telling you, which is why i am looking into tuners as well, still waiting for Bullydog to release their 2017 model
  3. I ordered from them once, small dee see tailgate assist, took 6 weeks to get, had to email them asking wtf was going on to find out that they didn't have stock and were waiting for a bigger order
  4. Got it from amazon tbh 1499.99 and free shipping, can't go wrong
  5. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Here's my 2017 z71- BDS 6" lift done at 8k kms w/ 20 x 10 Fuel assault rims -18 ofset and 35 x 12.5 toyo open country at 2 xtremes. Also have k&N intake and Borla Atak exhaust
  6. I am runnin Borla Cat Back Atak, it sound amazing well worth the money, i havent heard it from the outside with the V4 mode, and there is no drone, Cold starts are loud af though
  7. Toyo A/T 2 Extremes comes with $70 rebate right now
  8. I'm sure this has been answered in some way in the 43 pages this thread has, Ive got a 2017 Silverado LT Z71, i want to upgrade to tow mirrors. i don't want power folding, cause I'm from Toronto and I've seen them break due to our winters. are the tow mirrors plug and play ?? or what do i need to do to put on aftermarket ones where everything works properly i was looking at the ones on 1A Auto
  9. 2014+ Suspension Lifts

    Hi everyone, New to this Forum recently purchased 2017 LT Z71 in Pull Me Over Red, looking to do Lift kit was just wondering Tire sizes and offset, planning on doing BDS 6-7" lift just for the warranty aspect of it, i'm from Toronto, Ontario and dealers love pulling the " that voids your warranty " card at any chance they get. i like the Fuel Assault rims but am open for options, most likely 20" rim with 35" tire, but like i said im not sure what offset is needed, i dont want the flush look but i dont want the tires sticking out too much

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