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  1. Even thought the vehicle is locked, the BCM never goes to sleep because the hood is open....
  2. So my 17' with 23K miles battery dies on me last week parked in the middle of a severe rain storm. Called AAA and they jumped it. Went to dealership next morning and they tossed it on the GR8 Battery Tester and the battery was toast. So they replaced it under warranty and off I drive. Couple of days laster I plug my X iPhone into the console USB ports and nothing, dead. Tried them both. No power, no ApplePlay. The USB's under the armrest and in the back seat however do work. Take it back over to the dealer and they check the fuses and they are fine. So the tech pulls the USB module from the console to check it for moisture (and to make sure I did not dump a drink on it probably) and it's fine. No burn smell. So they order me a new one and put the old one back in the vehicle and guess what, the old one now works again. Go figure.
  3. Finally got them out, used a panel popper tool to leverage them forward and out
  4. I'm having the same problem right now, I'm trying to install a new Security Console Lockbox and you have to remove these hanging folder supports in order to fit it in. Per the instructions, you are suppose to slide the supports forward and then press to the center of the console and they come out. Not happening...
  5. My AFM is turned off via my Blackbear ECU Flash. Blackbear does not do TCU tuning as the TCU is locked by GM. I'm taking it back in to see if there are any TCU SW updates and a re-learn. My mechanic there told me upfront that the Mobil1 HP Fluid swap was only short term solution
  6. I had my fluid swapped out at 18K miles on my 2017 back in December and today (April 7th) at 22K miles the clunking and hard shifting is already back again.
  7. Yes, it is still available however it is still married to my old 2015 truck so you will need to purchase a new license from Diablo https://www.diablosport.com/unlockreset/
  8. Glazing of the TCC because of moisture in the old fluid. Heard they used Aluminum in the tranny parts to save on weight.
  9. Ok, mine is now swapped over to the new Mobil1 ATF, however the GM Tech told me that this is a temporary fix. He said eventually GM is going to have to replace all the Torque Converters in all these transmissions.
  10. I'm only at 19K on my 17' Yukon Denali and have been experiencing some weird Transmission shifts and some noise while driving for the last month. I started noticing some weird rumble (like braille driving/rumbling) that I was attributing to pavement noise or tire/wheel out of balance but it’s happening now on roadway I’ve driven on prior that it has not happened on before. Vehicle is going in tomorrow for the TSB 18-NA-355 Fluid Swap Out https://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/08/tsb-seems-to-fix-8-speed-automatic-gm-transmission-problems/comment-page-6/
  11. Geezz, mine is doing this now (rumble strips/braille driving) and it thought it was the road pavement. I'm a 17' with only 19K mileage.
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