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  1. I went with the XenonDepot PSX26W LED Replacement Bulbs for Fogs and ordered Morimoto DS3 and 9005'S from Retrofit Source to replace the High/Lows Lights https://www.xenondepot.com/PSX26W-led-fog-bulbs-p/xt-led-psx26w-cmb.htm
  2. Ordered this https://www.infotainment.com/products/general-motors-wireless-smartphone-charging-retrofit-kit
  3. My 2017 Yukon Denali is doing the same thing; it will not charge my iPhone 7 or X. Charging bolt comes on for a couple of seconds then goes off. There are a couple of ways to do this from what I have found; swap out the module to an 18' (part number 13521066) and modify the 3-wire connection from your 17' to it, purchase a retrofit kit from Infotainment that has the connection extension already modified with the module for you, OR (and I have yet to confirm this) purchase an entirely new Center Console Armrest Assembly from GM that includes the new module and wire connection to your vehicle. Has anyone here purchased an entire new Center Console Armrest Assembly (GM Part#84329326) and just swapped them out to get the wireless charger to work in your 2016-2017?
  4. Added so far... Tinted Front Windows XPel Ultimate Front End ,Headlights & Mirrors In-channel Window Deflectors Morimoto HID Bulbs, High Beam 9005's, Fog Lights, Lic. Plate and Backup bulbs GMC 22x9-Inch Aluminum 6-Split-Spoke Wheel in Ultra Bright Machined Manoogian Silver K&N Drop-In K&N Cabin Filter
  5. Deal happening on Saturday. Loved my Sierra but cannot park it in my garage by less than 2 inches. Someone is getting a great truck New Denali, loaded with every option except 22's. 2017' with only 6600 miles on it still on GMC Factory Warranty for another 20 months w/CPO for 12 months on and after.
  6. Yes, but the website is having issues uploading photo's right now.
  7. Found them however I'm having issues importing photo's (website problems???) ...PM me if you want photo of hoses
  8. Negative, I do not have the Active Grill Shutters
  9. Box is in my storage container, I'll have to dig it out. They are there, I keep everything
  10. Fittings are on the MIT, the hoses I have to dig out. I added a Catch Can in October and they are probably in that box
  11. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE. $125 Shipped anywhere in the CONUS, Like new, less than 2 years old. Includes both couples and 4 Steel Clamps. I just added a GMC Performance CAI to replace it. I also have two (2) K&N 33-2129 Air Filters for the Stock Airbox. $50 for the pair Shipped in the CONUS. I would swap them out in the spring and recharge one and store it.
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