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  1. I know. The 13" ICON does fit the rear arm "J-hook" but the blade is to long, it's actually longer than the rear stock blade by a 1/2 inch and rubs up against the bump stop.
  2. I am swapping out my windshield blades as one of them is streaking. I always use Bosch ICON (22A's on both sides). The Bosch listing for the rear window is a H772 which is a standard 13" blade. Does anyone know if (or has anyone done it) the Bosch ICON 13" blade will work/fit/connect on the rear window? Here's the connection
  3. Driver side Morimoto XB Fog installed. The passenger side still has the stock housing and an LED Bulb.
  4. You need to swap-out the charging module under your center console armrest to get the wireless charger to work with an X iPhone. Bought mine here.... https://www.infotainment.com/products/general-motors-wireless-smartphone-charging-retrofit-kit?variant=10089207398436&currency=USD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI4Ka2zdaa5wIVjJ6zCh2yZQbrEAQYASABEgIlfPD_BwE
  5. No, it's an ICON that comes up where the digital vehicle speed is...two-tones, then the Orange Icon (not sure what the ICON was as the error message disappears in 3 seconds) it's "something STEERING"
  6. Anybody ever get an error message in the middle of the instrument cluster on their DIC where the digital vehicle speed is displayed that says " something STEERING" with an Orange ICON? Something being the first word I did not catch. It also gives two-tones, like the low fuel tone at the same time. I cannot find it anywhere in the owners manual and the dealership just checked it for codes and there are none. It's happened to me twice now.
  7. UPDATE: The problem ended up being the Morimoto D3S Bulbs were pulling twice the voltage from the BCM and the ballast than the stock OSRAM bulbs which caused the stock OSRAM ballasts to shut down. I ended up getting new OSRAM 6000K Cool Blue Advance. So far, so good and they match up nicely to the DRL's
  8. I just purchased these Morimoto XB Square Fogs today for my 17' Yukon Denali. I had XB Fogs in my 15' Sierra and they were great. Right now I have 9005 LEDS that replaced the stock bulbs in my fogs (800 Lumens) and look forward to the 2400 Lumens in these new Fogs. I had the Morimoto D3S Bulbs in my low beams but had to swap them out twice because of flickering, I ended up going to OSRAM 6000K Cool Blue Advance bulbs which match the DRL's perfectly.
  9. According to GMC where I purchased my Denali, they have seen this issue before and told me that I need an anti-flicker module. I guess the BCM is not programmed to handle the after-market bulbs and the anti-flicker alleviates the problem.
  10. I put PHILIPS X-TREME ULTINON in the Reverse and Lic. Plate sockets but I highly doubt that is causing the issue with the HID' low beams. I am also running the LED Morimoto 2-Stroke 2.0 in the high-beams with no issues. I'm about to swap the HID low-beam out again and go to the OEM OSRAN 5500K or the Philips 5500K bulbs.
  11. I'm on my 2nd set of Morimoto D3S XB HID Bulbs in the last 7 months. My headlights just go off without any warning or error message on my Cluster. Retrofit sent me a 2nd set and I installed them and 2 months later they are doing the same thing. My light control knob is set to AUTO and my Intellibean is activated. I have to shut the lights OFF by turning the light knob OFF and then ON again to get the lights to come back on.
  12. I went with the XenonDepot PSX26W LED Replacement Bulbs for Fogs and ordered Morimoto DS3 and 9005'S from Retrofit Source to replace the High/Lows Lights https://www.xenondepot.com/PSX26W-led-fog-bulbs-p/xt-led-psx26w-cmb.htm
  13. Ordered this https://www.infotainment.com/products/general-motors-wireless-smartphone-charging-retrofit-kit
  14. My 2017 Yukon Denali is doing the same thing; it will not charge my iPhone 7 or X. Charging bolt comes on for a couple of seconds then goes off. There are a couple of ways to do this from what I have found; swap out the module to an 18' (part number 13521066) and modify the 3-wire connection from your 17' to it, purchase a retrofit kit from Infotainment that has the connection extension already modified with the module for you, OR (and I have yet to confirm this) purchase an entirely new Center Console Armrest Assembly from GM that includes the new module and wire connection to your vehicle. Has anyone here purchased an entire new Center Console Armrest Assembly (GM Part#84329326) and just swapped them out to get the wireless charger to work in your 2016-2017?
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