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  1. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    SOLD. Thanks Tom
  2. Yes, but the website is having issues uploading photo's right now.
  3. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    Found them however I'm having issues importing photo's (website problems???) ...PM me if you want photo of hoses
  4. Negative, I do not have the Active Grill Shutters
  5. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    Box is in my storage container, I'll have to dig it out. They are there, I keep everything
  6. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE

    Fittings are on the MIT, the hoses I have to dig out. I added a Catch Can in October and they are probably in that box
  7. AIRAID 200-985 Modular Intake Tube FOR SALE. $125 Shipped anywhere in the CONUS, Like new, less than 2 years old. Includes both couples and 4 Steel Clamps. I just added a GMC Performance CAI to replace it. I also have two (2) K&N 33-2129 Air Filters for the Stock Airbox. $50 for the pair Shipped in the CONUS. I would swap them out in the spring and recharge one and store it.
  8. Wiper Blades

    Bosch ICON's...
  9. Airaid MITwill not fit with the GM CAI, the MAF extension is to long.
  10. I was referred to a dealer in Montana (I live in MA) that Vette owners were going to for extended warranty purchases because he had the best deals out there. This dealer: Dennis Fichtner Warranty Specialist Denny Menholt Chevrolet 406-896-3082 [email protected] My factory warranty is up on 3/31/19 so I either sell / trade for a new 1500 or purchase an extended warranty and keep my 2015.
  11. I replaced my stock Z71 Rancho's with the Rancho quickLIFT Loaded for the fronts that adds a 2" lift and Rancho RS9000XL for the Rear Suspension. You can "dial-in" your desired ride with these.
  12. From your top photo, it looks like you also have a catch can setup with the clean-side breather running back to the GM CAI tube fitting.

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