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  1. They replaced the Positive main harness (84528825), the short Positive (84494554), and the main Negative harness (84634109).
  2. The Service Manager is a friend of mine and he told me this is a known issue. Tech disconnected and tested the cables. I'll ask about the wheel well ground
  3. I had my battery (original) replaced last August. My vehicle is 17' and I'm at 27K mileage. Recently I've received 2 OnStar notifications that I had a Low-State of Charge on my new battery which I found interesting because I keep the car on a trickle charge if the car sits for an extended period of time. Called my dealer who installed the battery and they tested the charging system and are now telling me that the battery cables have high-resistance and need to be replaced.
  4. This is the guy who all the Corvette owners go to to purchase a GM Extended Warranty. He's the Number #1 warranty writer in the country for GM, he's in Montana Dennis Fichtner Internet Warranty Specialist 406-698-6355 Cell [email protected]
  5. I'm at 27K and have done the Fluid swap to the Mobil 1 HD Fluid flush and 2 tranny re-learns. It seems to have done the trick, so far. Tranny issue has to do with factory tranny fluid that attracted water and caused glazing on the plates, hence the shuttering
  6. Has anyone here swapped a 17' Denali Grill for the newer 18'-20' Denali Grill?
  7. Even thought the vehicle is locked, the BCM never goes to sleep because the hood is open....
  8. So my 17' with 23K miles battery dies on me last week parked in the middle of a severe rain storm. Called AAA and they jumped it. Went to dealership next morning and they tossed it on the GR8 Battery Tester and the battery was toast. So they replaced it under warranty and off I drive. Couple of days laster I plug my X iPhone into the console USB ports and nothing, dead. Tried them both. No power, no ApplePlay. The USB's under the armrest and in the back seat however do work. Take it back over to the dealer and they check the fuses and they are fine. So the tech pulls the USB module from the console to check it for moisture (and to make sure I did not dump a drink on it probably) and it's fine. No burn smell. So they order me a new one and put the old one back in the vehicle and guess what, the old one now works again. Go figure.
  9. Finally got them out, used a panel popper tool to leverage them forward and out
  10. I'm having the same problem right now, I'm trying to install a new Security Console Lockbox and you have to remove these hanging folder supports in order to fit it in. Per the instructions, you are suppose to slide the supports forward and then press to the center of the console and they come out. Not happening...
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