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  1. WTS Fumoto oil valve

    I'm going to message. I'm interested.
  2. 2016 Silverado Items for sale East Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Is the underseat storage for double cab or crew cab? Do you know if it will work for 14-15 trucks? Also interested in the bed hooks!
  3. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    With the most recent update, my pandora app in the Silverado has started to work again. Its worked twice so far. I'll be trying it again later.
  4. 14-18 GMC Sierra OE f+r mud flaps

    Any clue if the stock GMC ones are the same as the stock Chevrolet ones? I have a cracked front Oem one I would like to replace.
  5. 2016 Sierra 8" intellink and HMI with Nav

    I'm assuming this has to be vin unlocked for the dealer to program it to your truck? Also, can you just swap the HMI into the stock 14' radio? I would like to keep the blue with the Chevrolet Radio if possible.
  6. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    This was the response that I got: Thanks for writing, and sorry for any trouble.I understand your frustration. We are aware of this issue and are working on it. I’ve passed your info along to our engineers.Let me know if you have any questions or comments. We really appreciate your patience in the meantime!*Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.JoshSupport SpecialistPandoraNeed help? https://help.pandora.com
  7. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    I have an open ticket as well. Still waiting to hear back. Case #: 01656772
  8. Diablo Tuner for 4.3 V6

    Does it have any licenses left or is it Vin Locked?
  9. Pandora Issue 2014 Silverado

    I think this is a Pandora App issue. I have realized that my pandora no longer recognizes when I'm in the truck. I've unchecked the box in advanced and it will work for a little bit and then go back to having the same issue. I'll be contacting Pandora tomorrow about this.
  10. Has anyone had connectivity issues with the app lately? It was working a few days ago but now I cannot get it to connect at all to the truck. The app was updated 2 days ago and I'm not sure if the recent update is not compatible with the version of the app running in the truck anymore. Pandora will play through the bluetooth media player fine. This is strictly an issue with the app in MyLink. The phone is a Google Pixel 2 XL if that is any help. Steps I have taken so far: Removed all phones from the Bluetooth memory. Uninstalled the app on my phone. Cleared the Cache of Pandora. Tried in on position while running and off. Unclicked the advanced setting for connecting to the car in the pandora app on my phone and reclicked it. Soft reset of my phone. Attempted starting the pandora app everyway possible pretty much. Let me know if anyone has seen this before! Thank you!
  11. 2014-2018 GM Cargo Organizer & Console Tray

    Do you have the lower console dividers?
  12. Chrome, Painted Mirror Caps

    I'm interested in a set for Blue Granite Metallic/Stealth Grey if you end up with a set.
  13. Group Buy Ideas? Let's hear them

    Would love to see a group buy for seat covers. Wet Okole, Katzkin, Coverking, etc.
  14. Plugs for those ugly round tubes

    Its a great mod. Super cheap on amazon too. I power washed and let dry the inside just in case there was anything holding moisture inside but its a super simple 30 second mod.
  15. Plastidip Grill?

    Just make sure you use the glossifier. Plastidip can look really cheap if sprayed on poorly. The glossifier really helps it step up a notch in terms of quality

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