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  1. Where are you located? I'm in CT and would be interested if you're local-ish.
  2. Still notice this with a Catch Can. Definitely a worthy upgrade but I don't think it addresses the cause.
  3. This is a normal characteristic. I was also worried when I purchased my 2014 with the 4.3 v6. I have been advised multiple times and seen it mentioned a few times that this is due to the direct injection system on the 2014+ engines (v6 & v8).
  4. Is this for the High Beams and the Low Beams/DRLs?
  5. Interested in the Fogs and the HID kit. Sent you a PM.
  6. Sorry I meant to link the guy who said there was a thread about fitting them to Double cabs
  7. Any idea on how this would sound on the 4.3?
  8. Also interested in the heated steering wheel pic.
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