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  1. I've got the same setup and tried to unplug and replug several times. I did notice when my right rear trailer light stopped working, the 5 pin connecter for that connection needed to be opened up to make better contact. I'll see if I can cable tie or otherwise secure the 5 pin to the round plug.
  2. Might try taking the boat out tomorrow to see how things are working since the last trip.
  3. Took it into the local Chevy dealership today. Of course they cannot recreate the issue. They asked for GM Engineering support which hasn't answered them yet. Waiting...
  4. I've had my truck for about 2 months and this was the 1st trip I took pulling my 21 ft Boat. The trailering app profile was easy to setup and the trailer lights safety checks are great, when working. I starting noticing yesterday when I hooked the boat up for the trip home that it was not sensed. I made sure the electrical connection was solid but still did not show the trailer connected. After turning truck off and resetting trailer plug several time, I started driving and it just started working. I drove 200 miles with it working and parked for a couple of hours. When I restarted, the trailer was not recognized again. I tried the same unplug and re-plug without success. I drove a couple of miles but still was not recognized. Also whenever selecting the trailering app, the display screen was black/dark. None of my trailer lights were working and I did not want to risk driving in rush hour traffic without trailer lights. I called the GM support (866-790-5600) and they asked me to shut off engine for 5 minutes to see it it would reset. That did not work. I tried again for 10 minutes and it suddenly started working. This is very disappointing. When it works, it's great but when it stops working I am stuck wherever I am. I will try to get into Chevy dealership next week.
  5. I just picked up a new 2020 Silverado RST Z71 that came with the trailer tire sensors. Has anyone used these on a boat trailer? I'm hoping they are ok to be submerged in water. Thanks!
  6. Same thing happened to me. I thought some update broke it again. I finally went into the advanced settings and the auto launch setting was un-checked. After selecting it, seems to be back to operation. Dang..someone should tell them an old maintenance saying. "If it works, don't fix it!"
  7. I received an email from Pandora support saying they had identified and fixed the problem. Asked me to update the app....Woo Hoo! It works again for me as well!
  8. I did get a Pandora update last week. However, it's still messed up. I also noticed that Google maps does not connect until I force Pandora to connect. Maybe this is a Samsung issue? Has anybody reached out to Samsung Support on this problem?
  9. I got basically the same reply from "Spencer". However, last night I did get a new Pandora update on my phone! We'll see!
  10. Here is what they told me: Thanks for writing, and sorry for any trouble. Please try the following steps:From your Android Settings, please try clearing the Pandora app data using the following steps: Open your device Settings Tap Apps Scroll down to find Pandora Select Storage On the storage details page tap Clear Data Keep in mind that the steps for each Android device is slightly different. If you have a Pixel, you can find helpful steps here.Please note that you will be asked to log into your account after completing these steps.Let us know if you need help signing back in.Please reply to this email if you have additional questions or still need help. Thanks, The Pandora User Support Team We will see later when I go on a drive. Worth the try anyway.
  11. I opened a trouble ticket with them 2 days ago (Case #: 01652951). The auto-reply said to expect 48hr for response. I also had an error code for them (Error code 3007) that appeared and told me to contact Pandora User Support at: [email protected] I did and included the info about the recent "not launching" issues. I will post any response I receive from Pandora as well.
  12. I had some luck this afternoon by going into Pandora settings. Settings->advanced->Bluetooth Devices. I un-selected "Launch from car" and re-selected. The auto launch came up and started. Selected Pandora app in MyLink. Works just like it used to. At least for today!
  13. I just started having the same type of issues. My Samsung S7 Edge did an update last week and Pandora hasn't launched in my 2014 Silverado Z71 LTZ, since. The "Auto launch" option does not show up anymore. My phone connects just fine via Bluetooth. However, I can listen to Pandora by using the "Media" button, just like a USB stick. Start Pandora manually on my phone then select "Media". In the past if Pandora did not work, I could switch to media and back to Pandora and it would work...most of the time. No more. Not sure where the blame is but the Samsung update is suspect since it stopped working right after that. I'll try calling the GM Infotainment number later even though it's out of warranty now. Maybe they have some insight.
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