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  2. Honestly ‘best’ tire size is totally up to what you want and more importantly how you use your truck. I have 5100’s set at third highest (1.5”) and right now my shoes are 275/70 18 on stock wheels. St/Maxx e rated. That’s about 33.3” tire. I do go offroad on two track BLM and gas and oil row’s a lot for hunting. A lot of of rutty, rocky and nasty shit, especially this year. 33” works fine for me, doesn’t rub on articulation or full lock. Any higher lift and tire simply makes it tougher for my bird dogs to load up after an exhausting day, or would a pita for me to unload hunting and camping shit. It’s a good compromise size for winter snow and off road muck. It really depends on you and what you need (or want).
  3. I have 52,000 smiles on the odo with 16 LTZ with a 6.2. I would never ever own a chevy with anything less than a 6.2 unless the roll out something better. It is frekin sweet to be to be able to open that biotch up on hwy 2 ‘the Hi-Line’ and pass any god damned thing with power to spare, lol.
  4. Can’t attest to Eibachs but I have 50,000 miles on my Bilstein 5100’s on my 2016 LTZ and they’ve been fantastic. I had Bilstein 6112’s on my old Taco and loved, loved, loved them! Im chomping at the bit waiting for 6112’s for my 1500...
  5. My 16 with a 6.2 is 1,614 payload and 864 truck camper rating, lol. That being said- I installed Timberens In the rear and I have personally hauled over 2,000lbs in the bed from Estes Park CO back home to Helena MT- about 850 miles. That’s hills, passes and high speed. Those Timberens coupled with my 5100 shocks (front lift 1.5”) made the nose ride High slightly but man that 6.2 lost no power and my hwy mileage was still around 20mpg. I did this trip twice and verified by truck scale I was a hair over 1 ton on each load. Even had a rock that naturally looked like Montana!
  6. https://www.tacomaworld.com/threads/huge-blowout-today-toyo-open-country-r-t.463227/ I remember this guy being affected. All I'm saying is I'm not going to buy them. I know all tire company's have issues at some point, but it just happens that I hear Toyo/Nitto horror stories more frequently. I know Cooper has recalls, GoodYear etc.. However I've had at least 6 sets of Coopers in the past 12 or 15 years with zero issues.
  7. I put in 5100's set at third highest setting, or about 1.25", which is not quite level. However the stock rear suspension is soft to begin with, which is why there is such a dramatic rake. I added Timberens to the rear because I do haul heavy loads- wood pellets, rocks, firewood, lot's of camping/hunting gear.. They work great and don't compromise the rear end cushiness unless called upon by a load. Twice I hauled a ton of flagstone rock 860 miles from my Mom's place in CO back home to MT. Even with all that weight I was damn near level.
  8. https://www.moderntiredealer.com/news/400974/175-000-toyo-and-nitto-tires-are-recalled There were two or three threads on the Tacoma forum where those tires had impressive blow-outs. I don't know if Toyo fixed the problem or not..
  9. I found a photo of my old Taco with the ST/Maxx's- You can see the wear was on the outer edge, so I adjusted the pressure up. The Taco liked 42psi.
  10. Lot's of google hits for it. Been doing it for years. Basically run a wide bead of chalk or semi-wet latex paint across your tires. Run the car 1-2 car lengths and look at the wear. If the chalk rubs off on the outer edge- your're under inflated. If it wears on the center- you're over inflated. Get a good, even wear and your tires will last a lot longer. Trucks, sports cars- doesn't matter. A good chalk test tells the story. I just paid $1,300 bucks for my ST/Maxx's- you betcha I'm doing that.
  11. I would recommend chalk testing to insure proper wear. I run my tire at 38psi, but hauling or towing I inflate the rears to 55psi and the fronts to 45psi. Off road I drop them down to 28 and 30 rear. Tires are bloody expensive so you might as well get every mm of rubber out of them. Chalk testing tells the true story of how any tire will wear, and where your street psi should be. My off road XJ like the BFG Mud terrains at 30psi!
  12. Never heard of that. Did you chalk test your tires for the right pressure? Over inflated tires will wear like a SOB.
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