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  1. Does anyone have a bull bar on the front of their 2014-2018? I was thinking of buying with the rough country or black horse with the LED bar already in it.
  2. Level & tires

    2” level. 285/60/20. 33.5 x 11.3 x 20
  3. I was very pleased at how it turned out. Was going to try 305/55/20 but the tire shop said they wouldn’t fit. I think these are actually about right. They look wide enough too. Oh yeah. Toyo open country R/T
  4. 285/60/20 with 2” Moto fab leveling kit. Very slight rub on felt. Zip tied it back all clear.
  5. just sold my 2015 2500 gas burner. Man I loved the way this truck looked just wasn’t real practical as a DD. Cooper ST maxx 11.50 x 34. Bought a 2018 z71 in September. Just ordered a 2 inch level kit and either 285/60/20 or 305/55/20 Toyo open country RT. Will post pics next week I hop.
  6. will 305/55/r20s fit?

    Thanks for the heads up
  7. will 305/55/r20s fit?

    You answered a lot of questions for me. That is the same set up and tire I am looking at. I ordered a moto fab 2" spacer that goes under the strut though.
  8. I have searched and see a lot of level/tire combos. I am ready to change the tires out on my 2018 gmc 1500. I am looking at either 285/60/20 or 305/55/20 Toyo RT or Hercules Tera Trac TG max. with 2 inch level kit or bilsteins. Any thoughts or experience appreciated.

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