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  1. Can you post or do you have a link to the 2500 HD capacities?
  2. It was about 1700lbs on my '14 When I purchased the '19 I was thinking that it would haul about 400lbs more because of the lighter truck and hype Chevy put around the increased cargo capacities over the previous generation. All they really did was increase cargo volume not cargo weight.
  3. Wish I would of seen that chart a few months ago It looks like if I had the max trailering package the 6.2 doesn't hurt max cargo weight much over the 5.3
  4. My door sticker on my '19 6.2 high country states max payload is only 1,606 lbs???? Didn't look at it when I purchased now kinda disappointed, I regularly haul a lot of weight in the bed might have to look at the new HD. Thought these new trucks were supposed to be lighter and haul more? My '14 LTZ had a higher weight rating.
  5. Yep had the same issue for a couple months, dealer couldn't figure it out either. Gm recently released a bulletin about it. Design oversight by the engineers I guess. Simple fix once you realize what was causing it.
  6. I've noticed the exact same thing my previous '14 was the same way. I think the less vibrations is by design with the new lane assist? It now seams to only vibrate the seat in more "extreme" situations or line crossings.
  7. Not true, my 2014 was a launch year when I purchased it and I didn't have a single issue with it the 5 years I owned it.
  8. I have had this happen once on my 2019 high country - on the drive home from the dealer. We had all front and rear seat heat on when the lights stopped working. The seats heated as usual just no indicator lights by the buttons.
  9. Just an update. Dealer had to reset the front/rear park assist system. Was told that the truck was reading that the protective film that is shipped on these trucks covering the sensors was still being read by the system. Seat heat lights have only acted up once and we have not been able to duplicate the issue..... Still getting the occasional "SD card has been removed" message on the DIC Did not see any error code with this.
  10. Just picked up my new '19 High country with deluxe and technology package and am having many issues!! 1. Got the "SD card has been removed" message on the driver information center on the way home with truck. (Dealer did say it happened twice when they had the truck but they had fixed it) guess not..... 2. Heated seat button indicator lights (front and rear seats) stopped working on the way home from dealer but seats continued to heat as normal you just couldn't tell what setting you had them on. Tried restarting the truck didn't fix it. Next morning still did not work, then after running errands for a couple hours lights started to work again? 3. Driver alert seat does not work. (Infotainment system settings says it's turned on). 4. Park assist does not work and will not turn on. (Infotainment system says it's on) Light on Park assist button will not come on and pressing the button displays the message "Park assist off" on the driver information center. Pressing the button again just dismisses the message. Pressing it a 3rd time tells you again that park assist is off, press it again and it just dismisses the message. Continuing to do this just repeats this cycle but the light on the button never comes on. (driving right up against the front garage wall the truck does nothing to warn me. Left the garage door shut and tried backing up and it did nothing to warn me I was about to hit the door) 5. Blind spot Warning only seems to work when driving on the interstate when passing other vehicles or other vehicles passing you. When parked along a street waiting to pull out it does not warn you of approaching cars from the rear or at all when they drive by. Gonna have to give the dealer a call in the morning and let them know i am not happy. My '14 Silverado LTZ Z71 never had a single issue with any of this.
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