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  1. I towed this about 100 miles. It was around 7000 pounds with trailer and machine. Did OK but wouldn't do it everyday. So the 2.7 gets excellent gas mileage and can tow a good size load when necessary. The truck works perfect for me!
  2. thanks, picked up a set and they fit nice and super easy to install
  3. well said, except the part about the old guys... cause i resemble that statement!
  4. not following you 100%, but the 5.3 is a almost $1400 option, so maybe that the reason for the reduction for trade-in value?
  5. Welcome to the club. I predict more will follow
  6. just take a look to the left. I have a 2.7 and love it! ( I was being sarcastic about the dually) when i bought mine i got about 30% off the sticker price. That's why i bought mine. I took a chance on the new engine, but so far so good. I use mine every weekend to head to the mountains and haul anything you could think of include a small utility trailer. I get the best mileage 26-27 mpg running 55 mph.
  7. I think you are missing the additional all - star discount you get with the 2.7, again at lest $5k more. When I bought mine, (11/19) I got about 30% off the MSRP as they were almost giving the 2.7 away.
  8. Almost 4,000 miles on mine (4 x4) and last tank 26 mpg on highway (driving 55) 22-23 around town
  9. I kind of agree with you. The factory harness connects both right and left fog lights to the left head light, then only one wires goes to the UEC. Is that wire only for a signal to turn the fog lights on using power from the headlights? Does having it flashed from the dealer only program the new switch and dish symbol? Seem to me that some simple mods to the factory harness would turn the fog light on with the headlights. No need for the new switch or dealer flashing. Just a theory
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