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  1. That's the thing in NJ. They don't give a specification on what's classified as auxiliary light. Additionally, there's nothing regarding light bars themselves. The only light bar that's mentioned under NJ law are emergency light bars.
  2. Depends on how you interpret the law. In NJ, a lot of vehicles use them without consequences. The way the law is written, a light bar can be considered a type of auxiliary light, which is legal in NJ as long as its placed and aimed properly.
  3. You're stuck in a catch 22. Adding a sub and one amp would increase bass levels. The problem you would run into is that the bass would drown out your mid and high levels. You could add the other amp, but as previously mentioned, you'll blow the factory speakers. What I would suggest, since you have two amps, is to replace the door speakers and put an amp on those speakers. They'll be able to handle the power, and you'll accomplish better sound. Whether you have a non-bose or the Bose system, I personally don't think would make a difference only because Bose doesn't share any specifications. So for all anyone knows, the bose speakers are just as good as non-Bose speakers.
  4. Those are nice too. What's even better is that the 6.5" are 2 ohms, so you'll have an even better sounding/louder speaker.
  5. Here are a few pics I took. All the pics are made with just the light bar. I also have the light angled slightly downward so I'm not blinding other drivers.
  6. If anything, you might have to cut out that center grill piece or get a new grill, but from what I'm seeing, the grills look the same except for the accented chrome fins on front. If you look on the notes at their website, it says it won't fit trucks that have Chevrolet written across the front: custom trialboss, work truck, and silverado custom.
  7. They are, just be sure to seal all gaps otherwise the clarity won't be there.
  8. It's really impressive. I haven't taken any pics yet, but I plan on taking some tomorrow night. Once I do that, I'll be sure to post them up. Anything in particular you're looking for? I usually do from inside the cab and front of the truck without any other lights on.
  9. I already did the bull bar with the LED light. I thought adding these would be overkill.
  10. Doors were enough. You can get away with just replacing the rears, but if you have a trained ear, you'll notice a clarity and quality difference between the rear and front. That's why I replaced the fronts as well.
  11. Like Jay said, it's completely normal. No need to worry. I can fill a small pool with the water that comes from mine.
  12. When I had my Camaro, because of the speeds some of us were reaching when racing, OnStar would come on and in some cases, shut the car down. To disable it, we found there was a fuse that could be pulled and that would work.
  13. Hopefully it's still in my sent box. It's been over a month since I sent it.
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