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  1. Topper Questions

    Thank you You have a very nice truck as well. Very good looking PUP.
  2. Topper Questions

    I bought a Ranch Premier for my 17 high country! Nice topper fold down front window, carpeted inside to match my bedrug, inside led light, and best of all automatic lock and unlock with the factory keyfob. I paid around $2700 for it but the paint match was spot on from factory. I had to lessen the quality of the picture for upload purposes, but you get the idea. https://ranchfiberglass.com/premier/
  3. Window sticker

    No card no nothing with the lug key. was the only thing in the shipping envelope. I only had them on another week as I bought a full set of McGard locks (24ea). to me better quality and 5 times as hard to steal my wheels.
  4. Window sticker

    Nothing in glove box. Not even owners manuals. They had to order them also. Who knows when I take door panel off I might find the original window sticker. As for the key for lug nuts they just plain lost it or used it for another vehicle that was missing it. The 22's were dealer installed and they were the ones that put the locks on as they were having to many wheels stolen. They were bought out the last day on October 2018. Havent been back up there to see how the new owner is and probably will not.
  5. Window sticker

    Like the koolaid man says oh yea! I knew that going in just went with them for the deal on the truck that's it. Haven't been back since. Use local dealer for warranty work and free oil changes.
  6. Window sticker

    Learn something new everyday. Thanks for the info
  7. Window sticker

    I'm not sure. I did see the window sticker on their site via a link to GM so I knew the prices and options. It was misplaced as it was the general managers demo along with the key for the lug nuts. I got both so I was happy especially with a $14,700 discount on a current year high country.
  8. DIY Carport / Garage

    I bought an eagle carport 30x26x8 free install on prepped surface. Love it been through storms, snow, hail. No problems. Just installed snow blocks this year to protect garage doors and air conditioner
  9. Mirror Shake

    My 14 does the same thing. Just the glass vibrates. Last time I had it out was quite annoying. I thought it might be the tires vibrating as I don't drive the truck much. Thought it could have been flatspotting. I will be doing the dl3 mirror upgrade in the spring so will see if its mirror or tires.
  10. Window sticker

    I bought my truck from dealer as a demo. Did not have window sticker told them I wanted one. They ordered it and I had it within a week. Hope this helps. I'm going to email and get build sheet. Thanks for info.
  11. My 17 had a leak on drivers side only when vehicle would sit a certain angles. Ended up being the sunroof drain tube where it went through the firewall came disconnected. Took pictures with me that helped dealer a lot also have weather tech mats so you could see the drop and puddle. Hope you got/get yours fixed
  12. Thanks for the props Nitrousbird. Truck looks great!!!!!! I'm glad everything worked out except sacrificing the low profile jack and taking us 10 minutes to remember how to put the truck into tpms set mode lol. The trip up was uneventful, but going home was another story in the blizzard. Counted over 30 cars or trucks that slide off the road. I only slipped once in auto 4wd then put it in 4 wheel high and no problems. I also have a near new set of Bridgestone blizzaks and they are worth there weight in gold. Pictures attached show swap conditions.
  13. Thank you That's driving pretty conservatively. When I keep my foot in it I get like 12 to 13 mpg. Good luck and if you do it find a good tuner.
  14. I have a 14 silverado 5.3 with a magnuson super charger, kooks long tube headers, kooks y pipe with high flow cats, corsa cat back, and air raid cold air intake. Tuned by one of the best tuners ever Graham Behan. My numbers are as follows 449 rwhp/ 459 tq. It baselined at 292/327. Night and day difference in power and performance. I have to run premium gas also so figure that into cost. Fuel milage dropped about 2mpg depending on how I drive her. Would not trade it for anything. Any questions feel free to ask.

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