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  1. With shipping and tax its 62.31 Cheap and when your done you can make a few bucks programming others remotes.
  2. Just buy it new from rockauto pretty cheap
  3. You my good sir bring up all the valid points that most people overlook. Most people think shade tree upgrades, but this was done by lingenfelter in Decatur Indiana. I personally dropped off and picked up the truck. They are top notch with state of the art facilities. Thank you for your kind words.
  4. I do have all the stock parts so that is not a problem. My only problem is I dont have the stock tune to put back in the truck. Thank you for the advice.
  5. Understand what you are saying. I'm not a young kid or use it to haul as I have a tow pig for that. If you would have read a little I state the truck had never been out in winter and only caught out in 2 rain storms. As for the towing you could look at the hitch and see nothing has ever been inserted in there. Thank you for your input.
  6. Thank you very good points. Yes I have all documentation from lingenfelter.
  7. In selling cause I want to get back into another camaro 14 or 15 Z28 specifically and found one I really like.
  8. Thank you for your input. Great point! There is only about 6 months worth of the lingenfelter warranty left on the truck now. Truck has definitely not been abused I'm older and know what things cost and this was my money put into it ( sent with gentle effect). I take care of all my vehicles and all my possessions. Thank you
  9. I do not expect to get a lot for the add ons such as mats and running boards etc... i was just listing what the truck had. Now for performance parts the old rule of thumb has been about half what they cost (these are more less new with low miles) The most the truck was abused was when it was dynoed. Thank you all for the input so far.
  10. Thinking of getting rid of my truck and wanting to find out what would be a fair price. Had on ebay at 45K had several watchers no takers. 2014 Silverado LTZ71 all star edition. Here is what is done to the truck!. List of mods 2014 Silverado z71 Milage 5,761 No dings dents scratches garage kept never driven in the winter been caught in 2 rain storms. Rare color rainforest green metallic (1)Lingenfelter package $14,000 Magnuson supercharger Kooks long tube headers Kooks y pipe with high flow cats Corsa cat back exhaust Air raid cold air intake. (2)Weather tech $500 Bug shield Floor mats front and rear Mudflaps front and rear (3)Ranch $1800 tanneau cover color match (4)bedrug $400 (5) wet okole $950 Seat covers with seat heaters (6) GM under rear seat storage $300 (7) Lund running boards $350 Thank you for your input
  11. Do you have a picture of this tool. I tried to google it with no luck. Thank you John
  12. Thank you very much a lot of time and money went into this project. THe car is a Malibu 283 2 barrel power-glide right now. The future brings a ramjet 350 with a 700r4 and 342 gears besides that the only thing i need to finish is the headliner and package tray. I also might do classic cragar s/s wheels with white raised letter tires. Then just cruise the hell out of her.
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