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  1. This kit is waiting for you sir. I feel this is a very fair price. I have quite a bit more in it than this. Please take it off my hands. Really cant go less than $700 shipped. Will do this for you no matter where I have to ship to. Thank you John U.S. Navy Gulf War Veteran
  2. None on my 14 Silverado when I had it. My 17 was capless so it did. My old 2006 Trailblazer SS did not have one either. Talked to dealer in 06 they ordered new filler neck and it had none either. Found out later GM had stopped that to save some money as they considered it not a necessity. Mt 02 Avalanche beater truck has one I had it overflow at the gas station last week and I was standing there maybe .25 went on the truck and ground. Must be the colder temps causing these pumps not to cut off.
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