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  1. What's the consensus on this It definitely sounds better but is there any evidence it affects your fuel economy in a negative way?
  2. yea i seen that. i went too high power car wash day after i got it and no leaks. def something ill keep an eye on.
  3. Here is what all the packages i have and whats included.
  4. thats great man, yea thats where toyota shines they hold their value crazy! im loving mine too 120 miles! enjoy !
  5. yup i bought the tundra a 2019 unknowingly and come to find out ...i was a little disappointed to say the least. i was seeing temps 230 to 240 towing my sxs and 210 to 220 regular driving. coupled that with mpgs while towing. it was time to get more practical half ton and trailboss extras lide the bedliner "lift black wheels bose stereo are all things i was going to add to the tundra. so for$ more a month. this is worth it imo.
  6. Thanks guys pulled the trigger. This is my first chevy. So far i love it. Backstory, i loved the Tundra im a big toyota fanboy. I came from years of tacomas to the tundra to tow my sxs' around with comfort. But incase most of you didn't know in 2019 toyota did away with the trans cooler on the tundra and trans temps are really high. That kind of bothered me. The tb has the bose stereo leather heated seats. Spray in bedliner. And i got auch a good deal i couldnt pas it up. Not to mention waaay better gas mileage lol.
  7. i have a deal to trade my 2018 tundra for a 2020 lt trailboss for better towing and fuel mileage. it will be the 5.3 liter with 10 speed trans. any issues with this drivetrain package i should be aware about before pulling the trigger? thanks in advance.
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