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  1. Anyone have experience with this cover? https://bakindustries.com/revolver-x4s/2021/gmc/sierra-1500
  2. 2021 AT4. Cardinal Red. 3.0 duramax. adding the off-road steps this week and a cover soon. Also will be swapping badges to be black for the AT4 and GMC logos. Black exhaust outlets too.
  3. I could be thinking of my last truck. I’ll try it next time my fuel light is on.
  4. I have the 6.2 w/ the 10 speed. 13k miles. Mixed driving of highway, country roads, in town driving. Some idle for warm up in the winter and cool down in the summer. my life time mpg is 14.8. I can get 18-22 when not in town. highway is more around 15-18 as I am usually around 80 mph. I drove a 3.0 last November 16.4 mile test drive of mix of in town and country roads and averaged 24.8. This was in a brand new chevy LTZ. while not quite as snappy as my 6.2 having all of the tourqe available at 1500~ RPM is very nice. I thought the power was more then acceptable. I didn't get to drive on the highway... For the the added MPG etc I have an AT4 with the 3.0 on order (if it ever shows up). I will give up a little bit of stop light power.
  5. Go to dealer to get reason for code. FYI--low fuel (warning light on) also will not allow a remote start. I know this isn't your problem but just wanted to share/add.
  6. Hopefully my truck is in there. Been waiting since Nov 23 due to 2 different delays......
  7. between those 2 the GMC. 10 speed.
  8. I currently have the 6.2 and before I ordered the 3.0 I test drove one. I was very surprised at how well it drove and the power/responsiveness was very good. Not as good as the 6.2 but with basically all the torque available at 1500 it is very good. Plus the MPG is a huge increase.
  9. For those of you that have a truck on order or are placing an order soon be aware that there is a delay/hold if you order the truck with either the AT4 high clearance running boards or the offroad running boards. This seems to be the case when ordering them if they are part of a package (AT4 Premium package) or as a separate add on. My dealer had to modify my order. Removed the premium package and replaced with the value package (same options just the value doesn't have the high clearance running board). Also adding the offroad running board put the order on delay. When I initially placed the order the value package didn't exist. My salesman had to work with his GMC rep to figure out what the hold up was. Other trucks they ordered about 2 weeks before mine had already been delivered and sold. My truck was originally ordered on Nov 23. There were constraints on the duramax first and then the running boards..... Once the offroad steps are in stock I will order them. My son (special needs) can't get in the truck without some type of step.
  10. They wouldn’t give me any details other than they were working on a larger tank and agreed that the 24 gallon tank was too small.
  11. When you say that you spoke with Titan was in regards to a larger gas or diesel tank? When chatted with their support they said they were working on for the 3.0 duramax.
  12. My local dealer will put you in a good loaner "if you ask". More than likely something comparable from the used lot. If I don't ask it is some beater car that the service department has. A good sales person will want to make sure their customers are happy. I had an oil change and some other stuff looked at a couple weeks ago. It was taking longer than expected. My salesman came and found me. Gave me a loaded Acadia to drive. Yes it was used. I didn't need a truck right then to go to lunch and to get my other stuff done around town. If I had needed a truck he would have found one. This wouldn't be the case with every dealership.
  13. I didn't have that issue all last winter and this year (Maine). I usually run my defrost on a fairly high setting (temp and fan). I did get the occasion ice build up on the wipers and the where the wipers stop (on both ends of the range of motion). I always use rain x de-icer washer fluid so that helps to break up the ice with a spray. With any truck I have had to sometimes remove the ice if it impacted the wiping ability. Never had the wiper blades freeze to windshield. I do let the truck warm up before using them (in the garage or outside).
  14. My dealer placed my order on Nov 23, 2020. Still waiting. AT4 with 3.0 duramax. Other trucks that they ordered a few weeks before mine have been in transit for a week, so hopefully mine will ship soon. I wasn't expecting to get it before the end of Feb.
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