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  1. Diamondback truck covers. They can withstand a lot of weight on top.
  2. It shouldn’t matter. I was just curious if that was how they treated their vehicle buying customers. all dealers are supposed to treat everyone the same especially with warranty work. However that is not always the case.
  3. What dealer did you buy the truck from? Did you buy from Rick Hendrick?
  4. Awesome job on all of those projects. I couldn't even begin to do that.
  5. To each their own. If you have the time, equipment, and skill/talent to fabricate your own stuff that is awesome. I don't have the time (work full time, also own a restaurant, have a special needs son that takes dance and karate, married, I take martial arts and the list goes on) and I don't have the equipment or skill to fabricate or build stuff. So I will just buy stuff as it is easier and in the long run cheaper for me.
  6. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/console-organizer-tray-in-black-84106530?year=2020&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado 1500&modelId=491&body=Crew Cab Pickup&bodyId=22&wheel=Short Box&wheelId=651&trim=LT Trail Boss&trimId=5101&drive=4WD&driveId=8&engine=6.2L V8 GAS&engineId=5920&bodyNumDoors=5 i ordered this from Chevrolet website.
  7. I too had a tundra (2013 rock warrior) with the 5.7 and also a ram rebel (2016) with the hemi 5.7. Both were good with lots of power (more than any GM 5.3 that i had before them). The 6.2 is way better.
  8. My 6.2 is the best motor/transmission combo I have ever owned. I thought about the 5.3 for a second. Life is too short to have doubts or second guess decisions. I made the choice that would make me the happiest.
  9. I realize this update came out in Dec 2019. I bought my truck on Jan 31. Auto updates are turned on. Just got the alert today..... I also have a recall today to get the brake controller reflashed.
  10. Any idea what the update is for/does? I got it this morning. I think it is updating right now as my on star/my chevy app won't work.... I think it was version 148 which I don't think is new.
  11. Chargers. Phones, laptops and my sons ipad.
  12. I have yet to see a custom TB with the 6.2. When I do an inventory search with just Custom TB and 6.2 with a 2000 mile search radius with zip code 75001 (dallas TX) I get zero results. LT TB you can find the 6.2 fairly easily.
  13. I have a 20 TB with 6.2 and the 10 speed. Best motor and transmission I’ve ever owned. Power is amazing. Transmission is smooth and seamless. best 25 mile mpg is 20.2 and best 50 is 19. 970 miles so still breaking in. TB lift and tires. No air damn/chin. I live in Maine with cold weather and winter has. So I am very impressed with the MPG.
  14. 6.2 hands down. I've owned mine for 3 weeks. I had a 03 Chevy, 09 Chevy, 13 Tundra and a 16 Ram Rebel. The 6.2 is more powerful than any of them (which it should be) but it is very noticeable. My best 25 mile MPG is 20.2 and my best 50 is 17ish (I can't remember the exact number). I am in maine, 850 miles on the engine, cold, idling at time, winter fuel. So I expect it to get better this spring. If it wasn't a TB (2 inch lift, duratracs, lack of a large air damn on the front chin) it would be even better. 10 speed is smooth and always feels like it is in the right gear. Diesel for me was not an option as I didn't want to pay the extra for diesel fuel, def, maint etc. and in some of the areas I go diesel is not available (my camp). I wasn't interested in the 4 cyl turbo as I would prefer it to be proven for a couple years. I drove the 5.3 w/ 8 sp in a 19 TB and was surprised at how powerful it did feel. The 5.3 would be fine for me but I would always be wondering "what if"....
  15. I have a TB with the 6.2. 840 miles so not broken in fully. Cold here in Maine with winter gas. power is amazing. 10 speed is smooth. my best 25 mile mpg is 20.2. Best 50 is 17ish. I expect it to get better with more miles and better weather. so far this is my favorite all time truck.
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