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  1. at those pressure settings that shouldn't be a problem. I will say that my duratracs have some road noise. I have always run a similar tire (duratracs, general grabber ATX, BFG KO2, Goodyear MTR) so I am used to some level of road noise. I will say that the duratracs seem to have gotten louder in the past few months (just under 11k miles on them) which I believe is normal for these tires. I have rotated them twice.
  2. Do you need the height of the bed camper for toolboxes/stuff that is taller than the bed? If not you might want to check out https://diamondbackcovers.com/.
  3. I have friend that bought a brand new 2500 last year and it was the same thing with the mileage but the mileage was even less (around 300 miles). The person that bought it had a trust fund set up for them. They couldn't directly withdraw the money but could use it for buying a vehicle. So they bought the most expensive 2500 (gas engine) on the lot and added a bunch of accessories. Didn't barely drive it. Then sold it back to the dealer after a month. 75k new and my friend got if for about 55k. He also traded a toyota highlander for more than he paid for 3 years prior.....
  4. I was just offered u150 this past Sunday (Jan 10). I parked the truck and turned it off as instructed. Had breakfast at the restaurant and was done when I came out. I have yet to see any difference but I haven't made any trips over 5 miles so I haven't had enough time to notice.
  5. 10 speed is awesome. Super smooth. Always seems to be in the right gear. I have driven previous GMs with the 6 speed, Tundra with 6 speed and Ram with 8 speed. No comparison.
  6. Get whatever color speaks to you. All my recent trucks have been black, dark gray or pewter. When I got my TB a year ago I had planned on red but got black. I ordered an AT4 a month ago. Cardinal red. Something different for me. Satin steel would have been my second choice. It will get dechromed and black badges. All of the colors look great on these truck and the only color I wouldn’t own is white. I also got red as I have yet to see a red at4 in my area. Every one gets satin steel or black
  7. I have a 20 TB with the 6.2 for a year now. Test drove an LTZ with the 3.0 just before thanksgiving as I just wanted to test drive the 3.0. Super impressed. Not as quick as my 6.2 but still had plenty of power and you can tell that all the torque is available at 1500 RPM. I thought the noise level was acceptable and comparable, if not quieter, to my truck (I do have duratracs). while not a long test drive I did average 24.8 MPG over 16.4 miles. mix of country road (45 mph), state road (55 mph) and some in town driving. I did go over the speed limit some and did a few hard accelerations. Truck had 192 miles on it so not broke in. No tonneau cover either. Was I impressed? I ordered a AT4 with the 3.0L 2 days later with the exact options that I want/need.
  8. 2019 Silverado Introduces Electronic Parking Brake | GM Authority (google.com) This is a chevy but I think the GMC would be in the same place. just a button to press. no handle or pedal.
  9. So if the offset is 24 is that + or -? I am assuming plus. If a wheel is then 20 or 25 how does that compare? I think lower the number the more it would stick out when compared to stock? stock wheel is 18x8.5. it looks like a lot of wheels come 18x9. Stock tires mount up fine with that size difference? how does the offset get impacted with the wider after market wheel? Sorry for the "dumb" questions. Never actually replaced OEM wheels before.
  10. 10 speed for sure. Doesn't sound like you don't do much offroad so the TB might be good for you?
  11. I have an AT4 on order and will be looking at possibly replacing the wheels. What is the stock offset? I would want to keep the same offset or only push the tires out a whisker (I don't really want them outside the wheel well). Does anyone know what the stock wheels weight? Curious how they would compare to the weight for aftermarket for unsprung weight. Still looking at wheel options but one of the contenders is this one: Fuel 1-Piece Wheels Tech - D670 Wheels & Tech - D670 Rims On Sale (fueloffroad.com) Specifically these stock wheels.
  12. Same here. First thing/use. Especially when backing out of the garage.
  13. I had the general grabber ATX on my previous truck (2016 ram rebel). drove good. handled good. Noise was fine on the highway. way better traction than the toyo tires that came on the truck. The place I bought them from had trouble getting them balanced (took a couple tries). They were heavier than the stock toyo tires. didn't notice any power loss but MPG took a slight hit.
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