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  1. Awesome looking truck. Extra lift? Tire size? Bumper. Thanks.
  2. Any pics of your truck with the 34" tires? I am assuming they fit without any issues (rubbing)? Did your speedo still accurate or did you use a device to recalibrate it? Thanks.
  3. For those of you getting the really good MPG what motor/transmission? 5.3 with 8 sp?
  4. I would think that would be a pretty smooth tire. Are you still running the stock rims?
  5. While I am not as remote as you are it is a very similar experience in my area (central Maine). A 10k difference. I guess I am not the only one with such large price differences.....
  6. Guys and Gals listen up for the truth (a second time)... So I add my experience to this post and feel the need to call me a liar....interesting. My local dealer is 3 miles from my house. My whole family, as well as my wife's, buys vehicles from him all the time. Not a high volume dealer. He owns all his vehicles. For what ever reason I can never make a deal with him. It all depend on the day and time if he wants to sell one of his cars. He doesn't need to sell any cars, he is very well off (rich), and it is not solely from selling cars. I went in and asked for a price. Showed him my trade. 20 min later he gave me a price. Yes it was for 72 months. He looked at my trade. He didn't involve a sales manager etc as he owns the place. I then went to a local Toyota dealer about 15 miles away. Same trade. They were cheaper but not much. Sticker was about the same price. I then went to the dealer mentioned in my other post for the dealer swap (got screwed). Went to dealer #3 and looked at other Sierra that had the options I wanted. Almost bought it. Went to dealer #4. They are located about 15 min away from original chevy dealer. Exact same truck as the original chevy dealer. 72 months. 200 a month difference. I even went back to original dealer and showed him the paperwork. He said that they weren't making any money on that truck. He wouldn't in his words "Give me his truck for free". I left. he didn't even come off his full price and low ball trade.... So again I was not lying. I have no idea why the difference. The 2 Sierra trucks were similarly equipped (yes I know not a direct comparison) but the price was not close on those as well. So he wasn't close on 4 other trucks with one being exactly the same..... Why is it people feel the need to bag on other people and call them liars? I thought the point of these forums was to help each other with problems, ask questions etc. This was my experience (just like the dealer swap was). My hope is that everyone has a much better experience than I did. I have dealt with many dealers that were great. 2 bad experiences in 25 yrs of buying vehicles.
  7. I haven't seen a TB with the 6.2 on a lot yet. I did a search from the chevy website for a TB with the 6.2 no results and this is within a 2000 mile radius of my zip code. The only options I picked were CC, LT Trail boss and 6.2. No match. They just opened up the ability to order last month so it will probably by another 1-2 months before they show up on dealer lots? A local dealer did tell me that they have them on order. They don't show up on their website yet, not even in transit. I have been waiting for a TB with the 6.2 since they announced it.....
  8. I have been to 2 dealers 20 minutes apart (Chevy) and had a 200 a month difference in payment. Same new truck (each dealership had the exact truck I wanted on their lot), same incentives, same trade. Two weeks apart. So the same vicinity is not always the same ballpark (I don't consider 200 a month in the same ballpark). I also had a similar scenario with a Tundra. Local dealer was almost 4k higher, so driving 80 min saved me noticeable money. Local dealer would not budge... I think a lot of this depends on your area. If you have multiple high volume dealerships in your area then they are all motivated to sell. In my area not so much. Mostly smaller volume dealerships.
  9. In the example that I listed I was talking about GMC trucks, in my area there are a lot less GMC dealers than Chevy (with 2 of the GMC dealers being the same dealership.) When the dealership said they couldn't find the truck I wanted I found it. There were only 2 in the whole state with the options that I wanted. He told me they swapped all the time and it wouldn't be a problem on the price. So for the other truck that had the options I wanted I went to that dealership and dealt with them directly. I have no problem going to the next dealer until I find one that will treat me fairly, its just difficult when there is limited inventory.
  10. My only concern with doing any type of dealer swap is still being able to get a good deal after. My worst experience of this was when I had been dealing with a local GMC dealer (this dealer was 1 hour away) and they didn't have the truck I wanted. I found the truck about 1 hour away from them (2 from me). The sales guy said no problem we can do a dealer swap and agreed on price. He got the truck, my wife and I drove to the dealership. Test drive, they looked at my trade. Everything was good. Sales manager came out and said no deal. Full price and lowest trade value possible. He said that the truck was a very desirable model with those options and he could sell at any time without any discounts. I looked at my salesman and said WTF. My salesman just put his head down and didn't say a word. Never will go back..... My opinion tread carefully on dealer trades as they may be less inclined to come off full sticker as they know that is THE truck you want. From a service stand point any dealership can/will do warranty work but if you bought it from the dealership you are having service done then they may treat you better. On side note I am in Maine too.....
  11. My 2016 Ram Rebel has the stick on weights in the middle of the wheel. My local tire shop said that having the weights there can be more difficult to balance the tires. Last year when they mounted new tires for me it took them 2 tries to get it right. This year they got it on the first try. They stick them on the center so as to not corrode the outside/visible part of the rim and it looks better. They have been known to fall off....
  12. As mentioned try another set of wheels/tires (especially the wheels as you have 3 set of different tires). When it does it worse are you low on fuel (less weight) on the drivers side of the truck?
  13. Depends on how often you get a new vehicle. Every three-ish years then lease can make sense. I leased my current truck (2016 Ram Rebel) as the lease deal was too good to not take. I ended up over my mileage but bought the truck at the end of the lease. Lease deals in 2019 were not what they were in 2016 for a similar equipped truck, better deals on lower trims. So you can't always bank on the payment not changing from lease deal to deal. Also while under lease I never felt like it was my truck (which it wasn't) as I was renting it....Once I was off lease I did a few mods as I wasn't sure if they were lease friendly... My next one will be a purchase (yes I looking at coming back home to GM) 95% settled on a 2020 LT TB w/ the 6.2 10sp.
  14. Just went on www.chevrolet.com and you can now build a LT Trailboss with the 6.2
  15. I had a 2003 Chevy with a 5.3. Loved that truck. Drove great. Power was good. Extended cab and didn't fit rear facing car seat. 2009 Chevy 5.3 with 6 speed. Hated this truck. 6 speed was trash. As soon as my son went to a forward facing car seat it was gone. 2013 Toyota Tundra. Great truck. All kinds of power. MPG sucked. Wife didn't like the lack of features so traded just before 3 years. 2016 Ram Rebel (5.7). Great truck. Power is good. MPG slightly better than tundra. Like all the options. Just don't love the truck. I test drove a 2019 Trailboss last winter (this was when it looked like the TB wasn't gong to get the 6.2) to see what the power was like. I didn't tow with it or have any weight in the bed but I was very surprised at how responsive and snappy the engine felt. It didn't feel like a huge step down from either of the 5.7 motors from Ram/Toyota. I think the extra tech and I am guessing lighter weight of the truck help. I can only guess that the 10 speed in the 5.3 would be better but for me I will wait for the 6.2 in the trailboss.
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