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  1. Gosh I hope I can get this 1-year-old hood back to normal. The previous owner also installed an awful AVS Hood Protector that has a giant crack in it. I'd like to pull that off as well, but I know it's got a bunch of residue-heavy adhesive strips on it that will likely leave a mark also
  2. Sorry, sarcasm doesn't translate well in text - they're not super cool Thanks for the pointers, I will get cracking on that!
  3. Picked up my 2020 AT4 today and love it! One thing that the CarMax pics couldn’t highlight was the super cool stickers on the hood ridges (one side says “5.3 L Performance” and the other side lost the L, and just says “”5.3 Performance”. I want to remove these poor choices, and hopefully all adhesive residue. Is GooGone the best? Any particular Bug N Tar brand? Am I destined to be out there with a razor for a while? Thanks all! Joe
  4. Do those come preloaded with a tune for the factory powertrain? TIA!
  5. So I’m buying a truck with this powertrain this week, and I didn’t mind my Diablosport (I assume that’s who you mean by “diablew”) tune in a Mustang I had 15 years ago. I’m looking at a K&N CAI and a cat back exhaust, been wondering if a tune was needed to max the output of those changes...
  6. I’ve settled on this being my truck, but wanted to hear thoughts on these two transmission options. Thanks all!
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