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  1. No. The bowtie outline is molded into the stock grille. I ordered this one from eBay for around $180.
  2. '21 3.0L Duramax LT with diesel off road package (3.73 gear ratio) 2.5" leveling kit 35x12.5r17 Toyo AT3's 17x8.5 Method MR703 with 0mm offset (Cognito standard upper control arms are on their way - don't trust the stock ones) I didn't have to cut anything to make them fit, just removed some parts and ziptied some carpet back.
  3. I have 35x12.5r17 Toyo AT3's and Method MR703's 17x8.5 with 0mm offset on a 2.5 inch leveling kit. I just ordered some cognito standard UCA's because I don't trust the stock ones. No rubbing anywhere after I removed a few pieces and ziptied some back. Didn't have to cut anything.
  4. Wow, yeah, like they said, your glow plugs will take longer with the cooler weather, however that does not affect the crank time. So I'm guessing GM is not pushing the update through the air.
  5. Go into your menu on your dash and check to see when your system last updated. Would be nice to save people the trip to the dealer.
  6. I had mine updated today. Will report back if I have any issues. The longer start is definitely not an issue, because it's such little time. I also have one of those inline autostart/stop devices in mine so that it doesn't shut off at every stop sign. Dealer didn't care/notice.
  7. So if you're deucing out, why are you still here rambling? It's a pattern. Go troll somewhere else. I'm not sure how the remote works, possibly something along the lines in the software not triggering ignition. I'm trying to be progressive because unlike you, I love my pickup and want them to fix it. So unless you're going to be productive, stop commenting? If I'm wrong, I'll admit it, but we don't know yet, and you sure as heck don't know either.
  8. I agree with Dalby says. All 3 times mine has done it, I've been in a hurry. People keep saying that there is no pattern, but clearly some of us are paying more attention and noticing this pattern. An update to our software to prevent this would be the ultimate fix, but we'll have to see what GM does/finds. We could be completely wrong. But kudos to you and Dalby, along with myself for thinking about this scenario.
  9. 3rd time at 4265 miles. All 3 times now it has happened when I was in a hurry and pushed the button and the brake at the same time. Never does it when I press the button first, then brake, then button again. Definitely a pattern.
  10. Mine has happened on a warm engine and a cold one. Only thing in common was that I was in a hurry both times, pressing the brake and the start button at the same time. Foot definitely was not on the gas pedal. Normally, I press the button, put my foot on the brake, and press the button again to start. Never had an issue that way.
  11. The shim sounds promising. This might not be related, but since grounding has been brought up, mine has an annoying high pitch whine when I'm driving at high speeds. Sounds like it's coming through the speakers. Grounding issues, GM?
  12. Also, my pickup build date was May 5, 2021, and it's happened twice now.
  13. Just had my second experience with the no start at 1800 miles on my 2021 Silverado 1500 3.0L Diesel. First start of the day, foot was nowhere near the gas pedal - I know because I'm not wearing shoes. Fired right up after the second try.
  14. HAHA. You clearly never owned a GM 8 speed transmission, lol.
  15. Agreed. Just wait it out, let them find the issue. I personally always check my foot and floormat to make sure they aren't touching the gas pedal. You'd think they'd push a time-out update so the starter would stop after 3 seconds of no ignition, instead of 20 seconds.
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