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  1. Trying to find out if there’s any good brand of retractable bed cover that has the pocket holes for the bed grap hole exposed. New AT4!!
  2. Good to hear, thanks! I keep looking on my driveway every day for the leak to start again.
  3. Did you end up getting some? If so, what did you go with?
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Silverado-Lift-Spindles-3-2007-2015-Chevy-1500-Truck-SUV-2wd-Suspension/201352679999?fits=Year%3A2014|Model%3ASilverado+1500&hash=item2ee18e123f:g:UYQAAOSwGvhT0sxR&vxp=mtr
  5. I have 3" lift spindles but they are just a cheap Ebay set I found. they have been working great with no issues. I havent looked at the maxtrac or CST. Maybe someone else will chime in with knowledge of them. Good Luck on which ever you choose. Are you doing the install yourself?
  6. So far the RTV in the hole has held up and no leaks since. Ive put on a good 500 miles on it. I'll just ride it out until it starts up again.
  7. That's good to hear. Any idea how long the yoke is with out pulling the driveshaft? For now I just plugged the hole in the middle where it was leaking with some RTV, I dont know how this will effect the transmission but for now it has stopped the leak. I found a few sites where other have done the same, some people said not to because it is a vent hole. Hope the RTV keeps working until I can start to pull it apart looking for a bad O-ring.
  8. I'm measuring about 2.75" from the cover. Photo attached Is this too much?
  9. So I have a new problem that started about a week ago. The transmission slip yoke is leaking from the small hole at the U-joint. The rear seal is bone dry so I know that's good and not the issue. From what I can find online, I have a bad O-ring in the tail shaft. Anyone else ever has this issue and if so what was the corrective action? My truck is also has 5" lift blocks in the back, not sure if maybe I don't have enough engagement for the slip yoke? whats the best way to measure?
  10. I just swapped the blocks out yesterday and everything is fine. Airbags are now back aligned and no other issues to be seen yet. If any issues come up Ill swap them back and just try shimming the air bag mount.
  11. So far I am averaging right about 16 MPG where prior I was getting 17 MPG. Not a big hit, very happy I got it done! Also no issues everything is working great.
  12. Just want to see what people think here. Right now I have 5" tapered blocks and my air bag\ mounts are really out of shape, bottom mount is not sitting under the top mount now, it is angled back do to the tapered blocks. I ordered a set of flat 5" blocks but dont know if this will cause any issues with the pinion angle. Let me know what your thoughts are. Worst case I will just test it out when I get them.
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