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  1. Add a 2020 AT4 with a build date of 8/20 to the list. Just got the truck back yesterday from having the valve springs replaced, now the rear window is leaking. I thought buying the 2020 I wouldn’t have these issues, haven’t even made a payment yet. Back to the dealership tomorrow!
  2. Update, got my truck back today, they replaced all the springs. They received the springs first thing this morning and got right on it. Talked to the tech the spring that broke was broke in 3 places, glad it didn’t drop the valve.
  3. Update, got my truck back today, they replaced all of the valve springs. Waiting to see if they will extend my power train warranty. Got lucky and the valve didn’t drop and smoke the motor, the spring was broke in 3 spots. This the first truck at my dealer that they have had to fix. Wish it wouldn’t have taken a week to fix, they received the springs this morning and was done by 4:30.
  4. Dealer finally got the truck in to look at it, it’s going to be there awhile, valve springs are on back order and they don’t have an ETA. Again the customer is the one inconvenienced and having to drive one of their loaner cars instead of a brand new AT4.
  5. 1,284 miles today, valve spring broke and left wife on the side of the road. Road side assistance sucks, they would not tow it to my dealer of choice, 5 miles farther than the dealer they wanted it towed to, so I had to set up my own tow and pay for it, thanks GM.
  6. Add anther one to the list! 1,200 miles, 6.2.
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