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  1. How can I permanently disable engine auto stop?
  2. Diyer2, Removed and replaced the fuel pump. My only problem was that I could not find a plug and play replacement part. Have to cut my wiring harness and slave in a new connector. Fuel pressure is now 52 psi. Specifications call for 60 psi. Should I change out the fuel pressure regulator? Bruce
  3. Doug, Removed and replaced the fuel pump. Pressure is now at 52 psi. Seems to be starting much better, but will set over night to ensure all is well.
  4. Doug, Started the engine and disconnected the vacuum line to the fuel pressure regulator. There was no change in the pressure. Does this mean the fuel pressure regulator is defective? I do not believe that the fuel pressure regulator is defective, based on the following: When I checked the pressure the very first time it was running 30-32 psi at idle. I shut down the engine. At shutdown the pressure was 30 psi. After ten minutes, the pressure rose to 40 psi. I attributed this to the hot engine heating the fuel in the lines causing a pressure increase. If the pressure regulator can hold 40 psi this indicates to me that it is not the source of problem. I have been so humbled by this issue, I thought I was a pretty good diagnostician/technician but these newer systems can be daunting. When I replaced the fuel filter it was done as part of my preventative maintenance program. I changed the fuel filter again and there was no change in the pressure. I can barely hear the pump run. How can I force the pump to continue to run when the engine is not running? Is this a wise thing to do? Wanted to dead head the pump.
  5. I changed the filter 18,000 miles ago. It should be okay I only purchase gas from one source and no problems with other vehicles. One of the suggestions was to replace the fuel pressure regulator as it was only a few dollars. According to my research this valve is almost eighty dollars. Do you think this is a wise move?
  6. Yes it has an external filter (left frame rail)
  7. Yes, 2003 GMC 5.3L with an external filter (in the left frame rail).
  8. When my truck sets for longer than four hours it is very hard to start, acts like it has run out of fuel. It has been getting progressively worse. Fuel pressure: 30-34 PSI, fluctuates at idle. When shut down pressure goes to 35-37 PSI after about five minutes, suspect heat from engine is causing this rise in pressure. Pressure keeps dropping until it gets to zero in about three hours. According to the manual the pressure is low should be about 60 psi. Is the pump defective or is the pressure regulator the source of this issue? I pulled the vacuum line off of the regulator and there was no fuel in the line.
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